Launching special emulation campaign to celebrate 50 year of establishment of PPA
Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem delivered a speech at the launching ceremony

The anniversary of 50 year of establishment of the PPA will be held in 2018. This is a significant and historic event, a milestone in the process of building and development of the PPA in the Cause of education and training of the Public Security in particular and the national education system in general.


With the theme “Promoting glorious tradition, the PPA is the training institution of initiative, unity, dynamism and development”, the special emulation campaign focused on the following contents:


- To organize the deep and wide political activities throughout the PPA to consolidate the political ideology, educate the morals, lifestyle, qualities and abilities for officers, lecturers and students; study and seriously implement 6 things taught by Uncle Ho, Directive No. 05-CT/TW dated 15/5/2016 of the Politburo on promoting the study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morals and styles, Directive No. 07 on implementing the Campaign “Building the People’s Public Security style “Bravery, humanity, for the people to serve”” and other movements and campaigns launched by the superiors.


- To take initiative in finding out measures to renovate the contents, programs and methods of training in order to improve the training quality of the PPA, to comprehensively apply information technology in teaching, study; enhance and improve the use of advanced teaching facilities such as smart interactive board, smart interactive podium, multi-function projector, electronic library.


- To step up the scientific research movement of officers, lecturers and students, striving to have many subjects with high theoretical and practical values for the fight against crimes in present; strengthen the organization of scientific seminars, workshops to clarify the practical issues; perfect, adjust and supplement the textbooks, lesson plans and materials.


- To seriously implement the Campaign “Building the People’s Public Security style “Bravery, humanity, for the people to serve””; maintain the discipline and effectiveness of the emulation movement of good study and practice among students; actively organize competitions and movements to create a lively emulation atmosphere in  study and practice of students.


- To improve the efficiency of the building up force, general advisory, logistics, service to meet the functions and organizational structures of the PPA approved by the Ministry of Public Security, especially meet the requirements of diversifying training forms, credit-based training; attach importance to the elaboration and implementation of Projects on raising the quality of human resources, fostering professional ability, pedagogical capacity and practical knowledge for the officers, lecturers.


- To promote the creative role of the mass organizations in activities; create exciting atmosphere among the individuals and each collectives.


Speaking at the ceremony, Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA emphasized that the purposes of special competition was to promote pride in the glorious tradition of the PPA, encourage the officers, lecturers and students to make efforts to emulate at teaching, studying and scientific research, and excellently complete all assigned tasks.


The President of the PPA recommended the functional units, mass organizations and managers of classes, courses for setting up programs and plans to implement the movement, focusing on activities of traditional education, tightening discipline, strictly maintaining the regulations of the Public Security. At the same time, the President of the PPA also required that the emulation movements need to be organized in a various and creative way, how to be suitable with the characteristics and conditions of each unit to ensure the effectiveness and practicability of the emulation.


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