Students of 40th course determines to complete task of ensuring security and order during Lunar New Year 2017
500 students were detached to support the Public Security of Hanoi City

Presiding over the ceremony were Major General, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang - Vice President; Colonel Vu Tien Inh - Deputy Director of Training - MPS; representatives for the functional units within the Academy and 500 students of D40.


Speaking at the ceremony, Major General, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang, Vice President praised the spirit of 500 students to support for ensuring social order and safety for the Public Security Department of Hanoi City in this occasion and requested the participants to strictly abide by the law, regulations as well as the assignment of  Public Security Department of Hanoi City, always made the most of self-discipline spirit, kept the correct posture, behavior of the People's Public Security officers on contacting and working with the people, devotedly served the people in all situations, actively learned, drew practical experience to serve for study and research.

Delegates and 500 students took memorial photograph

Enhancing force for the Public Security Department of Hanoi City during the Lunar New Year is an annual activity organized by PPA in recent years. Besides supporting the functional forces in Hanoi area for ensuring security and order during the Lunar New Year, this is an opportunity for PPA students to strengthen practical knowledge, participate in solve actual situations in ensuring security, social order and safety.


After 10 days of implementing (from 16th-25th January, 2017), upholding the hero spirit of PPA, 500 students successfully completed the assigned tasks, strictly abided by the working rules and regulations, had proper behavior with people.


With vanguard spirit of youth; no fear of difficulties, hardship; creative, flexible knowledge application, the D40 students cooperated,  supported effectively the Public Security Department of Hanoi City for controlling the traffic, ensuring security, order and serving the people to welcome Tet.


Especially, during task performance at Quoc Tu Giam Ward, Dong Da District, Phan Thanh Huy, student of B3a class coordinated with the 141 force to arrest subject transporting drug, was reported and praised by press.

Translated by XT

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