Scientific Seminar "Trends in training Forensic Science police force in current period"
Major General, Prof.Dr. Ho Trong Ngu, Vice President of PPA received the delegation of University of Russian Federation before the seminar.

The seminar was attended by Colonel Bushuyev Vitaly Valentinovic, Director of the Institute of Forensic Science, University of Russian Federation; Colonel Kharlamova Olga Alekcandrovna, Head of the Department of Gun and Trace Forensic Science, University of Russian Federation; Representatives of the General Department of Logistics - Engineering, Training Department, Institute of Forensic Science - MPS and scientists, managers and staffs with good practical experience in forensic science.

In recent years, the Forensic Science Police force had many steps of positive development, basically met the practical requirements of crime prevention; awareness of role of forensic science has been significantly improved, system of professional equipment has been increasingly modern; Forensic Science Police training at People's Public Security schools has increasingly focused on expanding both scale and quality of training.


However, in the context of integration, before increasing challenges and demands of criminal investigation in particular and criminal justice system in general, the Forensic Science Police force expressed a lot of limitations. Through the real survey, number of staffs working in Forensic Science field, especially at the local level, are short of quantity, weak in professional qualifications; students majoring in Forensic Science could not meet the practical requirements after graduated.

 Major General, Prof.Dr. Ho Trong Ngu, Vice President of PPA presided over the seminar

In order to build up the increasingly sophisticated Forensic Science Police force, meeting the increasing demands of crime prevention, it is essential to have dramatic shift from awareness to action, especially education and training. Thus, at the Seminar, delegates, scientists analyzed and evaluated on various aspects of current forensic science training and provided a comprehensive overview on trend of training Forensic Science Police force, from that proposed solutions to improve the efficiency of training and using Forensic Science Police force in the new situation.


At present, the training of students majoring in Forensic Science reveals some inadequacies such as slow training content updating, especially in the field of new Forensic Science such as: AND test, audio and digital test, etc, which lead to students lack basic knowledge of the above-mentioned fields, affecting to applicability in crime investigation and detection; staffs of lecturers has been strengthened but still does not meet the training requirements, so many new content without lecturers; facilities are still limited, technical devices are backward, students can’t access, study and get familiar with new technique, so they can’t undertake the tasks at practical units after graduated

 Colonel Bushuyev Vitaly Valentinovic, Director of the Institute of Forensic Science 

shared experience in Forensic Science training at University of Russian Federation

Therefore, trends in training Forensic Science Police force in the coming time should focus on renovating training contents and programs, continuing to deploy high-quality modeling classes, increasing both quantity and quality of teaching staffs, increasing coordination with local units in the process of training forensic science police students to grasp practices; enhancing international cooperation in Forensic Science to make full use of the support of technology from developed countries, helping students to access new scientific and technological achievements, step by step shortened and reach the level of countries in the region and the world. Besides, it is necessary to focus resources on scientific and technological research to keep pace with the development level of the world; studying and proposing competent authorities to approve mechanisms for socialization of Forensic Science in order to attract resources from society.


The Seminar received a lot of important opinions, which is the basis for PPA to refer, study and make recommendations and propose the model of Forensic Science Police training toward suitable with the trend of training in the country and in the world currently, meeting the practical work of crime prevention in the new situation.

Translated by Anh Dung

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