PPA Youth lights flame of heroic tradition
Representatives for PPA’s Youth Union members signed for participation of the Campaign and responding to the Youth Month 2017

The PPA is the key training institution of the MPS, contributing positively to the Cause of education and training of the country in general and the Public Security sector in particular, serving for the Cause of security and order protection, building Public Security force “revolutionary, regular, gradually modern” and expanding international relations.


Evening Gala for welcoming New Year - a useful playground

for Youth Union members

Following closely this proud tradition, the PPA Youth Union has constantly made efforts, promoted spirit of vanguard and creativity of the youth, enhance the knowledge, ethics and personality.

During the term 2014 - 2017, the PPA Youth Union has focused on implementing the content of educating political ideology, ethics, lifestyle for the youth; building a strong Union, which contribute to the overall development of PPA. The content, form of activities and emulation movements has always responded actively and effectively by members, grass-roof Union, highly appreciated by the leaders of all levels and the society

In particular, volunteering for community is one of the activities that PPA Youth Union has always highlighted and promoted, in order to arouse students' sense of responsibility for society and the role of young people with the common development of the country.


Program “Giving Strength to Exam Season” for poor pupils

Many volunteer programs for community with various scales and forms have been organized in association with the annual youth programs such as: Green Summer, Mid-Autumn Festival for Children, Giving Strength to Exam Season, Warm Tet, Warm Clothes for Children, etc.

Not only standing-out by volunteer activities for community, the PPA Youth Union also has focused on developing skills, training knowledge, creating more healthy playgrounds for union members to improve their knowledge, such as: Participating in the contest “Study and follow Ho Chi Minh moral example (2015); Attending “English Olympiad for non-major students; Public Security Martial Arts Festival (2016), etc.


The PPA Youth donates blood

Sharing about the proud achievements, Lieutenant Le Van Tu, Secretary of the PPA Youth Union said: "On the way to continue the 50-years traditional flame of the Academy, in the term 2017-2022, the PPA Youth will constantly strive for studying and practicing, promote dynamism, creativity, actively seize opportunities, wait in front of new fields; enhance the spirit of vanguard and volunteer, determine to build PPA increasingly developing”


In the evening of February 28th, 2017, PPA launched the campaign "Building the People’s Public Security style “Bravery, humanity, for the people to serve" and representative for the PPA youth signed for participation this campaign and responding the Youth Month 2017.


The contest on the Resolution of the 12thNational Party Congress

Each of PPA’s Youth Union members will constantly cultivate, study and strive for create a vanguard environment of youth, deserving to be students of the PPA, lighting up the flames of heroic tradition.

Written by Thu Ha

Translated by XT


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