10 major events of PPA in 2016
Minister To Lam and representatives cut the ribbon to inaugurate Le Quan Library

In the excited atmosphere of the whole Party, people and armed forces, the PPA’s officers, lecturers and students has constantly striven, successfully completed the assigned tasks and gained many achievements in all aspects of the work, as shown by the 10 following major events:

1. In 2016, the PPA honored to welcome Mr. Truong Hoa Binh - Member of the Political Bureau, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Senior Lieutenant General To Lam - Member Political Bureau and Minister of Public Security to visit and work at the PPA.

Mr. Truong Hoa Binh congratulated the lecturers and students of the PPA

This is the attentions and encouragement of the Party, the State, the Ministry of Public Security for the achievements that generations of officers, lecturers, employees and students of the PPA have gained in nearly 50 years of building and development.


2. Two officers of the PPA got Compliment Letter from the President

On August 19th, 2016, typhoon No. 3 landed in the Northern provinces, caused widespread heavy rain. Sergeant Nguyen Xuan Nam and Corporal Vu Huy Cong, officers of the General Administration Department of the PPA, were commissioned to drive the delegation of senior officers of the Interior Ministry of Cambodia to Quang Ninh province for the fact-finding trip. When going through Bai Chay Bridge, discovering a motorcycle which was likely to be blew away from the surface of bridge by high winds, with the responsibility of officers of Public Security force, they drove their coach to obstruct the wind and help motorcycle safely go through the bridge. This action was praised by the people, left the beautiful images of officers of Public Security force in the mind of the people.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA presented 

Certificates of merit from the State President to the two officers of the PPA

Recognizing and appreciating this action, on August 23rd, 2016, President Tran Dai Quang sent the Compliment Letter in order to praise noble gesture of the two officers. The President hoped that officers and soldiers of the whole Public Security force would promote the tradition “Laying down our lives for the country and the people”, continue to positively contribute to the Cause of national building and defense, for life in peace and happiness of the people.


3. Starting to use the system of E-PPA; inaugurating the E-Library of the PPA

On October 17th, 2016, at the opening ceremony of the academic year 2016 - 2017 of the PPA, Senior Lieutenant General To Lam - Member Political Bureau and Minister of Public Security, Lieutenant General Tran Ba ​​Thieu - Director General of the Political General Department of the Public Security Force and Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Yem - President of the PPA pressed the button to start the system of E-PPA. It is the first advanced system applied in the police training institutions of Public Security force, contributing to build the model of E-PPA, similar to the model of “e-government” that our Government is implementing. The system of E-PPA facilitates the management, exchange, storage, exploitation the system of administrative documents and management of works, thereby improving efficiency in all working aspects of the PPA.

Deputy Minister Bui Van Nam attended the inauguration ceremony

 and visited the E-library of the PPA

Also in 2016, the PPA inaugurated and put into use E-Library sponsored by KOICA (Korea). This is the most modern E-Library system in the police training institutions of Public Security force, is an important event, contributing to improving the efficiency of the management, storage and exploitation of sources of information and data in the PPA; serve the demands of learning, research, exchange of officers, lecturers and students to the Academy.


4. Signing Ceremony of MoU between the PPA and the General Department of Police, General Department of Police for Criminal enforcement and judicial assistance, High command of Mobile Police, Department of Police for Fire and Rescue, Department of Traffic Police

On July 28th, 2016, the PPA successfully held Conference to summarize 04-year implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which had been signed since 2012 and signed a new MoU between the PPA and the General Department of Police, General Department of Police for Criminal enforcement and judicial assistance, High command of Mobile Police, Department of Police for Fire and Rescue, Department of Traffic Police.

Leaders of the parties signed a new MoU

The achieved results in the implementation of the MoU confirmed the efficiency of collaboration model. It create the opportunity for officers, lecturers, students of the PPA, officers of the Police Units of MPS to exchange, connect the theory with practice, effectively serve the Cause of protecting national security, ensuring social order and security. At the same time, this is modern training and self-training methods at present.


5. Successfully organizing conference to summarize 20 years of Doctor training and conference to summarize 25 years of postgraduate training at the PPA

Minister To Lam presented the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister

 to Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem

Through 20 years of Doctor training and 25 years of postgraduate training, these training systems continue to take great development, thereby confirm the important role of the PPA in training high-qualified officers for the People's Public Security forces, People's Army, internal affair agencies and for Laos, Cambodia, contributed to the development of education - training, science - technology, practical summary, theoretical development as well as settlement several strategic tasks in ensuring national security, social order and safety.


6. Scientific research activity was enhanced and achieved high results

In 2016, the PPA actively registered and was assigned 03 scientific projects at State level - this was the highest number of state-level projects that was implemented by the PPA in the same time. The PPA completed some major sets of materials such as: English - Vietnamese Dictionary of Public Security, Russian - Vietnamese Dictionary of Public Security, Overview of Criminal enforcement and judicial assistance, etc. The many important workshops which were successfully organized offered many practical solutions to solve practical problems in the field of crime prevention and state management of social order and safety in many localities such as Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, etc and were recognized, appreciated by local governments.


7. Successfully holding ceremony to celebrate 20 years of publishing and development of the People's Police Magazine

Major General, Prof. Dr. Bui Minh Giam presented Certificates of merit 

to the leaders of the editorial board of the People's Police Magazine

After 20 years from the date of publication of the first issue, the People's Police Magazine of the PPA had many attempts, made outstanding contributions to propagation and dissemination of the policies and guidelines of the Party and the laws of the State and the exchange of scientific research results and practical work of national security defense, ensuring social order and safety of the Public Security force in general and the People's Police force in particular.


People's Police have had 5 publications, including: the official People's Police Magazine, the Special Issue of Criminology and Criminal Science, the Special Issue of Traffic Safety, the English People's Police Magazine monthly released, the Online Electronic Information Page which daily updated with scope of serving throughout the General Departments and High Commands under the Ministry of Public Security; the police training institutions of Public Security force together with Public Security’s units in 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Since January 01st, 2017, under the authorization of the Ministry of Information and Communications, the People's Police Magazine has launched a new publication titled Police Science.



8. Officers and lecturers of the PPA continued to strengthen and improve the quality

In 2016, the PPA was appointed 02 the Vice President who were Major General, Prof. Dr. Ho Trong Ngu and Senior Colonel, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dac Hoan. Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Chat - Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Vice President of the Academy promoted to the rank of Major General.

Members of Party Committee, Board of Directors of the PPA 

congratulated Major General, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Chat

The PPA honored to add 02 Professors and 09 Associate professors, 50 Doctors, 20 senior lecturers and 100 masters, raised the number of highly qualified scientists of the Academy to 11 Professors, 42 Associate professors and 200 Doctor.


In the contest “Best Lecturer of training institutions of Public Security Ministry”, 08 lecturers of the PPA achieved the impressive achievements with 06 First Prizes, 01 Second Prize and 01Third Prize. These results confirmed the brand of the leading police training institutions with high-quality human resources.


9. Renewal of training organization and enhancement of applying information technology in teaching, learning

The PPA is the first training institution to organize the first 6-month semester for full time training system and the 1,5-month one for other training system. This program was built by the experience of the PPA, the other training institutions of the Public Security force, the People's Army at home and abroad.


The project of outcome standards for students of courses, training systems continue to be deployed effectively with high requirements: Student before graduating from the PPA has to become members of Communist Party of Vietnam, gets 70 out of 100 shooting points, be a martial arts teacher at primary level and achieves foreign language proficiency at level B.


The PPA renewed the training organization according to the model of at once learning and practice; installed intelligent electronic board and electronic podium in all classrooms; thereby has created the comprehensive interactive environment; contributed to improving teaching capacity and absorptive capacity of the students in particular and raising the education quality of the PPA in general.


10. Project of PPA on-site expansion came to the final stage

Minister To Lam attended the inauguration ceremony of 

Le Quan Library and used the searching material system

The PPA coordinated with the Hanoi government to deploy the final stage of the project of PPA on-site expansion. In 2016, the PPA’s campus became more beautiful with many works was inaugurated and put into use such as: the Doctor house, Temple of Literature; Le Quan Library; gardens, main gate, roads to the hostel was stone - paved, etc. The works brought a new look to the PPA, contributing to improving the system of facilities to meet the training requirements of the key higher education institution of the Public Security force and strive to meet the national standard, effectively serve the cause of training high-quality human resources for the Public Security force.

Translated by Tuan Anh

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