“50' open” - listening to sharing of criminal justice students
Mr.Nguyen Hong Bach - Chairman of Member Council of Hong Bang and Associates Law Firm answered questions of students.


Attending the exchange forum were Major General, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Chat - Vice President of the Academy, Mr. Nguyen Hong Bach - Chairman of Member Council of Hong Bang and Associates Law Firm, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa-Hanoi Bar Association, leaders of functional units within the Academy and more than 600 students majoring in criminal justice at the Academy.


In 2014, PPA officially provided the first regular training program on Law majoring in criminal justice. Up to now, enrollment has been held with three training courses. In the academic year 2017 - 2018, the Academy is still asking for opinions from the leaders of the MPS on the enrollment of the 4thcourse.

 Students were excited to ask questions for speaker at the exchange forum

After graduating, students will be guaranteed to have a systematic thinking in legal science, in-depth knowledge of criminal justice, serving for the general counseling, synthesis, legislation, inspection and judiciary support, state management on criminal justice and crime prevention, investigation and criminal enforcement; firmly grasp content of law specialties in legal system of Vietnam relating to criminal justice such as Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Law on Criminal Sentence Enforcement, Penal and Judicial Measures, Custody, Detention, special procedures in criminal procedure, criminology, State management on criminal justice and law on judiciary support... Graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Laws, majoring in Criminal Justice, suitably assume the tasks at Procuracy, Courts and judiciary support organizations.


At present, PPA has also built and put into operation a model court room, organized mobile trial sessions by the People's Courts at all levels; thereby, creating a realistic environment, contributing to improving the quality of training students in criminal justice, creating high quality human resources for the justice sector.

The "50’ open" exchange forum took place in the exciting atmosphere and attracted the attention of many criminal justice students. This was really a useful forum, an open space for students to express difficulties and concerns as well as wishes and aspirations while studying at PPA.


Ho Minh Quynh An, criminal justice student of L3K1 class shared: "being studied and practiced at the environment of PPA with collective accommodation and full of discipline, each student has promoted self-confidence and believed that after graduating with a bachelor's degree in law and the knowledge and skills gained in four years of schooling, would become lawyers, court officers -law enforcers “both red and expert".

Lieutenant General, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Chat - Vice President of PPA 

shared and answered questions of criminal justice students

However, at the exchange forum, criminal justice students had a common concern on opportunity to get a job criminal justice after graduation. Answering questions of the students, Major General, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Chat said: PPA would constantly strive to create the best learning environment for students, equip stably students with professional knowledge. Upcoming, PPA would continue to innovate teaching methods, collaborate with the Ministry of Justice to organize practical lessons, supplement the knowledge of law and organize fact-finding tour for students. In addition, the Academy would try to contact the law firms and other units to expand the path of starting job for students.


Mr. Nguyen Hong Bach, Chairman of Member Council of Hong Bang and Associates Law Firm, also shared at the exchange forum: "Law firms always opened the door for students to study, exchange and share experiences. Students should make proper study plan right from sitting on the school chair. Only when having solid knowledge, they can be confident in their work as law enforcer"

Translated by TC

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