People’s Police Academy Hosts 8th Annual Conference of the Association of Police Training Institutions in Asia (APTA)

Attending GAAM 8 on behalf of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security were Pol.Lt.Gen.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Huong, PPA President; Pol.Col Hoang Dai Nghia, Deputy Director General of the Department of Training and Education, Ministry of Public Security; and representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Security.

Representing APTA were Superintendent General Lee Jae Young, Acting President of the Korean National Police University (KNPU) and President of the APTA; the APTA Executive Board, the APTA Secretariat, and members of the association.

Pol.Lt.Gen.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Huong, PPA President; Superintendent General Lee Jae Young, Acting President of KNPU and President of APTA; and other delegates attended the opening session of GAAM 8

GAAM 8 attracted the participation of 50 delegates from 17 APTA members, including 15 member institutions and 2 dialogue partners. This year's meeting was held in person after two years of being conducted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This also marked the largest in-person attendance since the association was founded in 2017.

In his opening speech, Superintendent General Lee Jae Young, Acting Director of KNPU and President of APTA, welcomed delegates and reviewed the association's development. He emphasized the positive contributions of members in promoting APTA activities, creating a dynamic and effective multilateral cooperation framework for police training institutions in Asia. He also praised the PPA Vietnam for its role as Vice President of APTA in 2023-2024 and its efforts in supporting the association's activities, especially hosting GAAM 8.

Echoing the APTA President’s opening remarks, Pol.Lt.Gen.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Huong, the president of the PPA, expressed his honor at PPA's being chosen as the host for GAAM 8. PPA expressed its commitment to further strengthening cooperation, striving to learn and address law enforcement challenges, particularly those arising in the digital age.

The PPA presented commemorative gifts to the delegations attending the conference

During the official GAAM 8, the APTA Secretariat announced and updated new APTA regulations and the association's program of activities for 2024-2028. The conference also heard a report on the preparations for the Police Academy Student Festival in Asia (PASFA) to be hosted by the Royal Police Cadet Academy of Thailand in September 2024.

In this session, APTA members voted and officially announced the admission of a new member, the Timor Leste Police Training Center. With this addition, APTA now has 35 members, including 30 member institutions and 5 dialogue partners. The conference also selected the venues for the association's activities for the 2025-2027 term. Accordingly, GAAM 9 and PASFA 2025 will be hosted by the Indonesian National Police Academy, GAAM 10 and PASFA 2026 by the Mongolian University of Internal Affairs, and GAAM 11 and PASFA 2027 by the Philippine National Police Academy.

The conference then proceeded to elect the APTA President and Vice Presidents for the 2025-2027 term.

Pol.Maj.Gen.Dr. Chu Van Dzung - PPA Vice President, delivered a speech at the GAAM 8 Conference

Pol.Maj.Gen.Dr. Chu Van Dzung - PPA Vice President, delivered a speech at GAAM 8. On behalf of the PPA delegation, he affirmed that as Vice President of APTA for the 2023-2024 term, PPA Vietnam closely collaborated with the APTA Executive Board and Secretariat to promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation among members, actively participating in APTA activities such as GAAM 7, PASFA, and the 2023 International Undergraduate Conference on Policing (IUCP) (an international student research competition) hosted by KNPU. Particularly, hosting GAAM 8 in 2024 highlighted PPA Vietnam's commitment to strengthening cooperative relationships and opening new opportunities for all APTA members.

The PPA Vice President thanked the APTA Executive Board, Secretariat, and all members for supporting PPA's role as Vice President for the 2023-2024 term and proposed that KNPU continue to hold the role of APTA President for the next term.

Based on the consensus of the members, the association elected the APTA Executive Board for the 2025-2027 term, with KNPU continuing as President and the Mongolian University of Internal Affairs and the Indonesian National Police Academy as Vice Presidents.

The delegations attending GAAM 8 took commemorative photos

After the conference program, APTA members participated in the international conference " Policing in the Cyber Age: Adapting Police Training to Digital Challenges" organized by PPA on the afternoon of May 15, 2024.

The delegations took commemorative photos at the President Ho Chi Minh Monument

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