People's Police Academy welcomes UN Police Delegation led by Police Commissioner Faisal Shahkar

The visit was also with the presence of representatives from the UN Resident Coordinator's Office in Vietnam and the Ministry of Public Security's Office for Peacekeeping Operations (MPS Office for PKO).

At the meeting, Lt.Gen.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Huong, PPA President expressed his pleasure to host Police Commissioner Faisal Shahkar - UN Police Adviser and colleagues from the Police Division, UN Departments for Peace Operations, briefly introducing the PPA’s 55-year history of excellence in police training, with a focus on international cooperation and achievements in foreign affairs. The PPA, as a leading police training institution of the MPS, has actively contributed to the Ministry's successful participation in UNPKO. This includes nominating the finest candidates for UN Police positions and organizing PKO pre-deployment training for Vietnamese police officers. The PPA President kindly requested the UN Police Adviser's support to enhance Vietnamese involvement in UN PKO activities.

Overview of the formal reception

In response, Commissioner Shahkar expressed his admiration for the PPA's hospitality and recognized the Academy as a leading police training institution in Vietnam. He anticipated the PPA's continued contribution to Vietnam's UN PKO efforts and affirmed the UN Department for Peace Operations' commitment to supporting future UNPKO training programs in Vietnam.

Souvenir exchange session between PPA President and UN Police Adviser

A group photo of all delegates at the reception

Following the formal reception, the Dialogue between the UN Police Adviser and Vietnamese police officers participating in UNPKO and PPA’s staff, students was held. Co-chaired by Police Commissioner Shahkar and leaders from the PPA and the MPS Office for PKO, the event focused on the recent activities of UN and Vietnamese forces in peacekeeping operations, especially in the inaurigation of the Vietnamese PKO Police Unit No. 1. In addition, the PPA’s contribution to supporting the Ministry’s involvement in UNPKO missions was also commended and recognized by speakers.

Overview of the Dialogue

Police Commissioner Faisal Shahkar - UN Police Adviser giving a speech at the Dialogue

Colonel To Long - Deputy Chief of the MPS Office for PKO giving a speech at the Dialogue

During the dialogue, PPA’s staff, lecturers and students and Vietnamese police officers participating in UNPKO engaged in discussions about UNPKO human resource development and the enhancement of police training institutions' roles in UNPKO pre-deployment training activities.

Police officers and students of the PPA actively engaged in the Dialogue

A group photo of all delegates participated in the Dialogue

The visit also included a PPA campus tour showcasing the Academy's facilities and police training capabilities.

UN Police Adviser visited a PPA classroom

UN Police Adviser observing a practical class of forensic science


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