Reading festival - useful playground for PPA’s students
Party Committee, Board of Directors of the PPA is particularly interested in improving the reading culture in the youth of the PPA

Deep aware of the importance of reading culture, in the past years, the PPA has maintained and developed the reading culture of the officers and students of the PPA.

At present, the PPA has exploited the Police Professional Library - the largest library in the police training institutions and the second largest police library in Southeast Asia.

The members of the PPA Youth Union actively respond to the book festival

The library with more than 65,000 documents and more than 300,000 books ensures serving thousands of readers every day, effectively supports the teaching, self-education and scientific research of officers, lecturers and students.

In recent years, the members of the PPA Youth Union have actively participated in the contest of design library space to create new look for the library as well as inspire the reading book in the PPA.

The PPA Youth Union held a book exchange at the Temple of Literature on the Spring Festival, lend students book free of charge on weekend nights, created the way useful playground for students love reading.

The members of the PPA Youth Union actively respond to the book festival

Through the Reading Festival with the theme of “Reading books for future”, the PPA Youth Union wants to create an open space between the book lovers and develop the reading culture in the PPA.

At the same time, the Reading Festival also contributed to raising the sense of responsibility in study, cultivating practical knowledge for the members of the PPA Youth Union so that they are ready to startup in the future.


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