PPA organizes a thematic talk on behavioral culture in Public Security force
Dr. The Hung shared the key to be good at communication

The talk was organized to thoroughly grasp and implement the Directive No. 07/CT-BCA-X11 dated 26/10/2016 of the Minister of Public Security on “Improving the leadership, enhancing behavior culture in the Public Security force in the new situation” and Plan No. 337/KH-BCA-X11 dated 19/12/2016 of the Ministry of Public Security on organizing the Campaign “Building the People’s Public Security style “Bravery, humanity, for the people to serve””.


At the beginning of the talk, Dr. Pham The Hung mentioned the basic issues in behavioral culture such as concept of culture, civilization, behavior, characteristics of Vietnamese culture, etc. On that basis, Dr. The Hung emphasized the important skills in the behavior style between the police officers and the people, with particular attention to listening skills because “Police officers who want to be believed and beloved by the people have to listen to the people”, the Doctor said.

Officers of the PPA exchanged with Dr. The Hung

The talk contributed to raising the awareness of the officers, lecturers and students of the PPA on human culture and behavioral culture in the works of Public Security force, building the firm political spirits, raising the revolutionary morals, repelling the degeneration of morals and lifestyles, etc. It was necessary for the officers, lecturers and students to apply in their daily work and activities.


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