Scientific Workshop on “Training Human Resource for Drug Prevention and Combat - Theoretical and Practical Issues”
Major General, Prof. Dr. Ho Trong Ngu - Vice President of the PPA spoke at the workshop

Attending and chaired the workshop was Major General, Prof. Dr. Ho Trong Ngu - Vice President of the PPA; Senior Colonel Pham Van Chinh - Deputy Director of Department of Police for drug crimes investigation, Ministry of Public Security. The workshop had the presence of leaders of the Department of Social Evils Prevention and Combat - Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; Institute of psychological studies and support to drug users; General Departments, Departments under the Ministry of Public Security; representatives of the Institute of Police Science, the functional units of the PPA and the professional divisions of the police departments of the provinces and cities in the north.

The representatives saw the photography exhibition on drug users

In recent years, the PPA has actively participated in training and fostering knowledge on drug prevention and combat for anti-drug crimes police and other forces such as: Coast Guard, Border Guard, Customs, People’s Courts, People’s Procuracy. The results of training and fostering have played an important role in improving the effectiveness of drug prevention and combat. Currently, however, the training and fostering of human resources for drug prevention and combat has not met the practical requirements of drug prevention and combat in the new situation.

In addition, in recent years, the situation of drug-related crimes has been very complicated, had a tendency to increase in terms of number of cases, number of subjects, type of drugs and nature of activities. Therefore, in order to effectively prevent and fight drug crimes, the anti-drug crimes forces need to be well trained.

Under this circumstance, the PPA organized the scientific workshop to evaluate common issues, practical experience in training human resources for drug prevention and combat, especially the experience of training the police forces for drug crime investigation. Based on which, the workshop proposed solutions to improve the effectiveness of training human resources in drug prevention and combat in Vietnam in the new situation.

Over view of the workshop

At the workshop, on the basis of affirming the increasing complexity of current drug crimes and urgent requirements for the human resources training for drug prevention and combat, the representatives proposed some key tasks to continue building up the police forces for drug crime investigation to meet requirements of the current integration.

Accordingly, the PPA and other police training institutions need to renovate the training methods and curriculum for the specialty of anti-drug crimes police to meet the practical requirements of the fight against these crimes. The syllabus and lesson plans should be updated in time with new modus operandi, methods and tactics that have been effectively applied by the police force in reality. Along with specialized theory, it is necessary to attach importance to train political spirit for the police forces to avoid all material temptations from the criminals.

The theoretical training has always closely linked to the fighting against drug crimes, increased the time of practice and internship for specialized students, arranged the students to practice in complicated drug-related crime areas.

In the workshop, the opinions also emphasized the role of international cooperation in training and fostering human resources for drug prevention and combat. The PPA and other police training institutions need to apply experiences from the reality of combating drug crimes of local police forces in Vietnam and the police force of other country. The police training institutions shall strengthen cooperation with international organizations and countries in the region in exchanging experiences, organizing training courses for anti-drug crime police forces in order to raise their knowledge, experience, investigation capacity.

Representatives discussed at the workshop

The result of the workshop is the basis for the PPA in particular and the other police training institutes in general to refer and make proposals, solutions to improve the quality of training human resources in preventing and fighting against drug-related crimes to meet the practical work of preventing and combating crimes in the new situation.


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