PPA actively responds to campaign "Volunteer Summer"
The volunteer delegation organized an incense offering ceremony and clean at Martyrs' Cemetery of Hoang Nong commune

The volunteer delegation presents gifts to families 

under preferential treatment policy

In summary of the program, the volunteer delegation in collaboration with the Youth Union of Hoang Nong commune installed 2km of rural electricity transmission lines for the people with a total value of 10,000,000 VND (from donation of the PPA volunteer delegation and Youth Union of Dai Tu district); constructed water embankment to bring water from streams to canals to help people have water for crops; cleaned up, collected rubbish and waste in the area of stream Cua Tu; offering incense and cleaning the Martyrs’ Cemetery of Hoang Nong Commune and 27/7; organized fire-camping, cultural exchange with the Youth Union and the people of Hoang Nong commune.

Organization of cleaning-up at the Martyrs’ Cemetery 

of Hoang Nong commune and 27/7

In addition, the volunteer delegation presented 8 parts of gift (valued at 450,000 VND per each) for disadvantaged families and families under preferential treatment policy, 5 parts of gift (valued at VND 350,000 per each), 10 parts of gift (valued at 500.000VND per each) donated by the PPA.


The volunteer team installed 2km of rural electricity 

transmission lines for the people

The volunteer activities of Youth Union of PPA and Thai Nguyen Association of Fellow-Countrymen at PPA left the emotions in the hearts of local people in Hoang Nong commune, Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen province, contributing to educating history and revolutionary tradition for the generations of PPA’s officers and students.

Constructing water embankment to bring water from stream 

to canals to help the people

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