Information on new academic and theoretical contributions of thesis of Postgraduate student Le Thi Hanh

Thesis title: Inspection of observance of law provisions on imprisonment execution under the functions of the People's Public Security Inspector.

Major: State management on security and order         Code:

Name of PhD student: Le Thi Hanh                 Course: 22nd

Scientific title, degree and full name of the supervisor:

1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Quoc To

2. Prof. Dr Nguyen Xuan Yem

Name of training institution: The People’s Police Academy - The Ministry of Public Security

New contributions of the thesis:

- In theory: The thesis is an important supplement contributing to the formation and development of theories about specialized inspection activities in the field of state management on security in general and inspection of law observance on prison sentence enforcement in particular. Many theoretical contents mentioned in the thesis such as: the concept, characteristics, content, and process of inspecting the observance of the law on imprisonment execution are new and have not been published in the other works .

- In practice: The PhD student has surveyed, collected relatively fully and systematically information and documents related to the field of execution of imprisonment sentences and state inspection activities in this field nationwide and within 10 years (since the Law on Execution of Criminal Judgments, the  Inspection Law takes effect up to now). The thesis has proposed solutions with scientific basis, high reliability and value for theoretical research and practical direction. The solutions mentioned in the thesis, if applied, will improve the quality of inspection of the law observance on the enforcement of imprisonment sentences, contributing to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of state management on national security protection, ensuring social order and safety. 

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