Information on new academic and theoretical contributions of thesis of Postgraduate student Ta Thi Minh Kien

Thesis title: Preventing property crimes committed by young people

Major: Criminology and Crime Prevention


Name of PhD student: Ta Thi Minh Kien - Course: 17th 

Scientific title, degree and full name of the supervisor: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Nhat

Name of training institute: The People's Police Academy - Ministry of Public Security.

New contributions of the thesis:

1. The thesis explores the theoretical background on property crime commited by young people including definition and individual characteristics in relation to those of the offenders. Based on the general theoretical framework, this thesis has systematically sythesised and established the theoretical background on preventing property crime committed by young people, includes: definition, characteristics of crime prevention and the cooperation between criminal police and other agencies to prevent these types of crime.

2. The thesis has comprehensively investigated the current situation of property crimes committed by young people in 10 years’ period nationwide. The thesis provides explanation insight on the originality of criminal behaviours, thus analyses the current situation of police activities on preventing property crimes commited by young people. Base on the research findings, the thesis suggests the advantages and shortcomings and recommends the crime situations forecast and solutions accordingly.

3. The research findings of the thesis suggests a comprehensive solutionssystems. Each of those has clarified the preventive measures that suitable to thepractical situation of property crime prevention, according to the assignatedtasks of the criminal police at different level.

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