General Samrirh Di, Deputy Minister of State - Ministry of Interior of Cambodia visits and works at PPA
Major General, Assoc.Prof.DrTran Minh Chat, Vice President of PPA received the Cambodian delegation

At the meeting, Major General, Assoc.Prof.Dr Tran Minh Chat, Vice President of PPA highly appreciated the strong cooperation between Cambodia and Vietnam. The two countries have many similarities, especially in the Public Security work, so strengthening cooperation and mutual assistance is essential to cope with the challenges in process of fighting against crime currently. General, Assoc.Prof.Dr Tran Minh Chat also affirmed that PPA always attaches great importance to strengthening cooperation in education and scientific research with Cambodiaand creates favorable conditions for the Cambodian students at PPA.

Major General, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Chat presented 

souvenirs to the Cambodiandelegation

On behalf of the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia, General Samrirh Di, Deputy Minister of State, expressed his thanks for the warm welcome of PPA as well as creating the best learning and living conditions for the Cambodian students at the Academy. He appreciated the achievements of cooperation in education and training with PPA. According to statistics, from 1979 up to now, PPA has trained 281 training courses for Cambodiawith 9,042 trainees, mostly adults, many of whom have been assigned high positions, currently are a key force in ensuring security and order in Cambodia.


Deputy Minister of State affirmed PPA has played an important part in improving quality of human resources of the Public Security of Cambodia, meeting domestic and international situation, expressing solidarity and friendship for peace and prosperity of the two peoples.

Representatives took memorial photos

Responding to General Samrirh Di, Major General Tran Minh Chat expressed his thank to good reviews of Cambodia and committed continuing to provide the best learning and living conditions for Cambodian students. On the occasion of the upcoming Khmer traditional Lunar New Year, the Vice President sent his wish to General Samrirh Di and the delegates health, happiness and success; wished the friendship and cooperation between the two countries forever strong.


After the meeting, GeneralSamrirh Di had a meeting with the Cambodian students at PPA.

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