Delegation of Liaison officers of Australian Federal Police visits PPA
Overview of working session

Attending the meeting were Major General Chris McDevitt, Senior Liaison Officer of AFP in Vietnam; Colonel Roger Brown, new Senior Liaison Officer of the AFP in Vietnam and the AFP liaison officers in Vietnam. As for PPA had Colonel, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dac Hoan, Vice President of the Academy and representatives for the functional units.

PPA leader presented a souvenir for Major General Chris McDevitt

At the meeting, on behalf of PPA leaders, Colonel, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dac Hoan, Vice President expressed his thank to the AFP Office in Vietnam and Major General Chris McDevitt for close cooperation with PPA in the actual reporting organization for leadership training course at the Academy; supporting PPA delegation in working and studying tour in Australian Federal; presenting PPA a number of items and documents on display at the Museum and Library of the Academy to serve education and training. Especially, the AFP Office provided an opportunity for PPA’s officers and lecturers to attend training courses in the Asia Region Law Enforcement Management Program (ARLEMP) on topics related to Police activities such as: human trafficking and illegal migration, anti-corruption, child sexual-abuse crime prevention, etc.


On this occasion, Vice President of PPA congratulated Major General Chris Mc Devittto complete successfully his term of office and welcomed Colonel Roger Brown to receive new missions in Vietnam. He suggested that with new position of his work, Colonel Roger Brown would continue to cooperate and support PPA in education and training.

Leader of PPA welcomed Colonel Roger Brown 

to start his working term in Vietnam

On behalf of the AFP Office in Vietnam, Major General Chris McDevitt, Senior Liaison Officer of AFP to Vietnam thanked for respectfully receiving by PPA and discussed some cooperative in the near future between PPA and AFP. Accordingly, the AFP Office has been ready to continue to support for training PPA’s lecturers and students in high-tech crime prevention, corruption, money laundering, human trafficking, identity theft, etc. These are all hot issues in Vietnam currently and being interested in research and combining into education and training by PPA. Major General Chris McDevitt believed in his working term in Vietnam, Colonel Roger Brown would continue to develop relations of cooperation and friendship between PPA and AFP.

Translated by LD

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