Leaders of PPA attended 7th ASEANAPOL Police Training Cooperation Meeting in Malaysia

The Meeting was organized by the Department of Training - Malaysia Royal Police with participation of representatives for educational institutions and training authorities of member countries, the ASEANAPOL Secretariat and representatives for dialogue partners, observers, including the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Australian Federal Police and the Korean National Police University.


At the meeting, the Indonesia delegation leader as the sixth APTCM president, reported results of the last meeting and handed over the executive power to the Deputy Director of the Department of Training - Malaysia Royal Police as president and leader of the 7th APTCM. 


From results of the previous meeting on determining 6 police training priorities including: prevention of cyber crime, high-tech crime, human trafficking crime; transnational crime; ASEANAPOL training program cooperation; training on language, culture of ASEANAPOL countries; training on prevention of crime related to the production, management and use of medicines, the 7th APTCM was organized to realize activities in 6 priority areas above.


At the meeting, members informed training courses held in 2017. Vietnam delegation announced to host a training course on prevention of high technology crime at PPA in 2017.


Through these meeting reports, we can see that the training institutions of ASEANAPOL member countries have been aware of the importance of police training cooperation in ASEAN context of integration, agreed with priority areas in police training in accordance with the fight against crime in the region. The 7th APTCM achieved success as orientation for ASEANAPOL members to make specific actions, training programs for ASEAN police forces. The training programs proposed by member countries to be done in 2017 showed that the cooperation on police training between ASEAN countries is increasingly practical, meeting the target to improve crime prevention, security, order and stability in the region.


At the meeting, the delegations stressed the importance of police cooperation between dialogue countries with ASEAN region. For co-operation between the Australian Government and ASEANAPOL partners, the Australian Federal Police representatives will hold a training course on combating human trafficking crimes expected to be held in JCLEC (Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation) in 3/2017. On the Korea side, the Korean National Police University raised the idea of ​​establishing the Association of Police Trainers in Asia (APTA) and received much positive feedback from the partner countries of the Korean National Police University. The delegation of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs also emphasized effective cooperation between the Russian Federation and other countries in ASEAN region in the fight against crime and certified that in the second half of 2017, the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs will invite representatives of the law enforcement agencies of ASEAN countries to the training course "Using special skills in detecting and investigating information technology crime" .


Ending the meeting, based on the rotating leading plan of ASEANAPOL and the consensus of delegates, representatives for Singapore delegation took responsibility to host the 8th ASEANAPOL Police Training Cooperation Meeting in 2016.


After the meeting, participants had a visit and work with Malaysia Royal Police Training Center, the delegation listened to a report on police training in the partner country, visited the case-based training area and watched traditional martial arts, hostage rescue performances.


In the context of integration, the ASEANAPOL Police Training Cooperation Mechanism has achieved encouraging results. Since the 7th APTCM in Malaysia, ASEANAPOL police training institutions have officially performed actual activities, training courses based on the general direction of the meeting on prevention of crime in 6 priority areas. Also through the meeting, the police training institutions and police training authorities of ASEANAPOL member countries had opportunity to meet, exchange and share information, strengthen solidarity, understand each other. This cooperation mechanism has also supported a number of activities to strengthen the quality and effectiveness of police training activities in member countries such as survey of training needs, analysis, and preparation of orientations for developing international training programs, surveys, assessment and identification of priorities to be strengthened in the training for ASEANAPOL member countries.

Translated by Van Anh

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