PPA promotes cooperation with Korean partner
In 2016, many effective cooperation activities which are highlighted by cooperation activities with the Korean National Police University and cooperation with the International Cooperation Agency of Korea (KOICA) have been implemented. Specifically, in 2016, PPA has implemented 5 delegation exchanges with the Korean National Police University, including 2 annual student exchange delegations with 6 students (3 Vietnamese students coming to Korea and 3 Korean students to Vietnam); 2 high-ranking official delegation with 10 officials (5 Vietnamese senior officials of Korea led by the Director); 01 delegation comprising of 3 students and 1 staff to attend the Student Festival of Asian police schools in partner’s school. These activities have contributed to strengthen the relationship between the two schools and contributed to strengthening close cooperation between the Korean National Police Agency and MPS  of Vietnam.

For KOICA, the year 2016 marked the largest cooperative activities, which typically the completion and put into operation the electronic system of a modern library in the people’s police schools within the scope of project Development of electronic library at the PPA sponsored by KOICA from ODA of the Korean government.

Also within this framework, there are  2  polices and information technology experts of KOICA working at the Academy. Working duration of 2 experts has made a positive contribution to the training activities of the Academy. In 2016, Korean police experts have made 2 reports on actual operating experience of Korean police force in the crime prevention and 2 presentations to share Korea's experience in residence registration and management, information technology and communications trends for the staff, lecturers and students of the Academy.

In particular, in November 2016, Department of International Cooperation - PPA collaborated with 02 experts to organize the free-of-charge elementary Korean language course for the staff, lecturers and students of the Academy.

In the future, the Academy will continue to maintain and expand the cooperation with Korea in order to promote mutual understanding between the two sides and seek for cooperation opportunities, technical assistance from the Korean government for higher education of the people's police force in general and of the PPA in particular.

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