Receiving Country Director of KOICA Vietnam
Overview of the meeting

On behalf of the Party Committee, the Board of Director of the PPA, Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Yem welcomed Mr. Kim Jinoh to work in Vietnam and hoped that during his tenure in Vietnam, Mr. Kim Jinoh would be the connection for close cooperation between the KOICA Vietnam and the PPA in some fields such as exchange of students between Vietnam and Korea, dispatch of volunteers for teaching martial arts at the PPA, exchange of culture - sport, etc.

The PPA welcomed Mr. Kim Jinoh to work in Vietnam

In particular, the President of the PPA expected the KOICA Office to continue supporting the PPA to implement the second phase of the E-Library project for the purposes of improving the efficiency of exploitation, using of E-Library in computerizing police training, enhancing teaching capacity at the PPA and contributing to solving some of the urgent issues in Vietnam such as high-tech crime, drug crimes, etc.

Representatives visited the Korean Cultural Hall at Le Quan Library

At the meeting, Mr. Kim Jinoh congratulated the success of the E-Library Project of the PPA. This is an important foundation for the KOICA Vietnam to consider the implementation of the second phase of the project. Mr. Kim Jinoh affirmed that with his knowledge and work experience, he would continue to develop the good cooperation relationship between KOICA Office and Vietnamese partners, including the PPA.

Representatives visited Robotic Book scanner at E-library of the PPA


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