PPA pays a courtesy meeting with surveying delegation for project "Training English for police forces in Vietnam"
Major General Dang Xuan Khang, Vice President of the PPA presented a souvenir for the head of the survey delegation

Welcoming Mrs.Lottie L.Baker and the surveying delegation to the PPA, Major General Dang Xuan Khang expected that the USA would cooperate and assist the MPS to enhance the capacity and skills of using English for the Vietnamese police officers as well as for the English teachers of the PPA in particular and the training institutions within the MPS in general.


Major General Dang Xuan Khang, Vice President of the PPA welcomed 

Mrs. Lottie L.Baker, head of the surveying delegation 

After the courtesy meeting, Mrs. Lottie L.Baker had a meeting with representatives of the Department of International Cooperation, Department of Training and the Faculty of Foreign Languages to find out and assess the needs of using English of the officers, lectures and students of the PPA, from which builds the specific purposes and plans for projects in Vietnam.


The surveying delegation for project worked with the officers and teachers of PPA

In the same day, the delegation attended an English class, after that they would interview the PPA students to survey the student’s level and assess the actual needs of English training for the police forces in Vietnam.

- The project "Training English for the police forces in Vietnam" of United States Department of State is expected to be implemented through the Office of Asian Regional English Language in Bangkok, Thailand. The Embassy of the United States proposed the PPA joined the project as a focal point agency to support for implement the surveying activities and coordinate to build the projects.

- After surveying at the PPA, the delegation will have a meeting with the Public Security Department of Hanoi Capital, of Ho Chi Minh City and the People’s Police University to investigate the use of English at there.


Written by Quyet Chien

Translated by Xuan Thanh

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