President of PPA visits and works in the Russian Federation
Representatives took memorial photograph with leaders and teachers of Law Institute (RUDN)

At the annual international annual exhibition on techniques of protection, crime prevention, fire protection and rescue, took place from March 21- 24 in Mosscow, there were nearly 200 firms, technical companies in the world and the Russian Federation participated in and exhibited a range of new security technical products. PPA delegation also met and shared experiences with the Electronika Corporation of the Russian Federation, who presides over this year exhibition. This is the leading corporation specializes in manufacturing and trading technical equipments of  security protection, crime and fire prevention.

Model of Security Control Center of Electronika Corporation, Russian Federation

At the RUDN, the delegation had a meeting with the leader of Law Institute. The two sides agreed to report to senior leaders to promote the signing Memorandum of cooperation between two universitties on the following points: conduct high level delegations and exchange lecturers and  students, have the coordination for writing the book "Criminal Law - Comparing Criminal Law of the Russian Federation and Criminal Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam" in Vietnamese, Russian and English and holding the specific conferences with the aim of sharing experience in security protection between the Russian Federation and Vietnam.

Law Institute (RUDN) presented PPA a new book set Criminal Law

The delegation visited the Russian Federation on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Revolution (1917 - 2017). The delegation visited the Red Square in Moscow, went sightseeing to Saint Petersburg, came to the monument of Ph.E.Dgieczinxk and some beautiful landscapes, historical relics.

Representatives visited the monument of revolutionary Ph.E.Dgieczinxki, the first Minister of Public Security of the Soviet State in Saint Petersburg City, Russian Federation

This is a meaningful visit that develop the beautiful friendship between the Vietnamese PPA and Russian Federation’s partners, as well as contribute to the development of education, training and scientific research of PPA.

Translated by Do Trang

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