Full of warmth, significance in New Year 2017 of PPA’s teachers and students
Captain Le Van Tu - Deputy Head of Student Management Department encouraged students on duty during the Tet holiday at the Academy

This is an annual activity by the Student Management Department for the second-year students assigned to be on duty on the occasion of  the Lunar New Year at the Academy. It could say that each year, each of the courses brings many different colors and impression. In New Year 2017, the students D41 were honored to assign this task. The teachers and students of D41 held many significant, warm, colorful, youthful, creative activities, brought a fully strange atmosphere, dispelled their homesickness.

Wrapping the Chung cakes for pupils of the Elementary School Co Nhue 2:

As a part of annual activities to welcome the New Year, on January 18th, 2017, PPA’s teachers and students jointed hand to make the Chung cakes to donate for the  Elementary School Co Nhue 2- Bac Tu Liem District - Hanoi.


The program took place in a cozy atmosphere, harmony in love of police and people. The smile of children and enthusiastic guidance of teachers showed that this was a really practical meaningful activities. Only after more than 2 hours nearly 200 Chung cakes had been completed.

Officer of the Student Management Department participated 

in wrapping the Chung cakes for the children

This meaningful activities not only contributed to encourage the children of the Elementary School Co Nhue 2 on the occasion of Lunar New Year, but also expressed a high sense of responsibility, enthusiasm of the PPA youth in particular and the People's Public Security force in general in volunteer work for the community.


Full of warmth in Tet with disadvantaged patients

In two days of January 23rd - 24th, 2017, the PPA delegation visited and presented the Tet gifts for disadvantaged patients in the Traditional Medicine Hospital - MPS, National Hospital of Pediatrics, Hospital E and National Cancer Hospital.

Officer of the Student Management Department presented the Tet gifts for the patients

In this program, the delegation visited, encouraged and presented 90 gifts, each worth 500,000 VND for families of disadvantaged being treated at the above-mentioned Hospitals.


In addition, the delegation presented gifts, each worth 10,000,000 VND to prepare portions for patients in the National Hospital of Pediatrics in New Year days with the desire of warm Tet for the children. On this occasion, the delegation visited and donated 10 gifts, each worth 1 million VND for former PPA officers having difficult circumstances.

Captain Le Van Tu - Deputy Head of the Student Management Department 

presented the Tet gifts for children at the National Hospital of Pediatrics

This is an annual activity of PPA on the occasion of New Year. Every of new Springs, the PPA’s teachers and students planning to organize the voluntary activities with the desire to share the warmth of love, support and encourage the unfortunate lives, difficult families; thereby, continuing to educate and promote the good traditions, the spirit of solidarity for the students.


Programs of culture, arts and sports:

Besides cleaning the PPA campus and area surrounding the Academy to create fresh air to welcome the New Year 2017; in period of being on duty during Tet holiday, over 250 students of course D41 participated in competing in many different sports such as pot-hitting, stick-pushing, darts, tug of war and volleyball.

The folk games are not only bring cheery laughter, dramatic situations, but also tighten solidarity, enhance teamwork, reduce the gap between teachers and students on duty.


Contest on making the Chung cakes to welcome the Lunar New Year

On January 24th, 2017, teachers and students of D41 course held a contest on making the Chung cakes to welcome the Lunar New Year2017.

The D41 students prepared to making the Chung cakes for Tet

The cozy atmosphere of the teachers and students of D41 course 

beside the pot of Chung cake

In an atmosphere of joy and excitement, teachers and students joined to make Chung cakes with variety of shapes and special decor. Moreover, the students had a meaningful evening gathering around the fire and the pot of green Chung cake. This was a beautiful picture on love between the teachers and students of D41 course.


Organizing to decorate the dormitory

Right from the first dates on duty, the teachers and students of D41 course has embarked on decorating the dormitory to prepare for welcoming the New Year. In this spirit, in just the first two days, the dormitory was decorated sparklingly with the lamplight. All created a cozy, brilliant and wonderful atmosphere than ever. This will be a special memory in every of the students on duty.

Some beautiful pictures of dormitory during the Tet holiday:

With the attention of the PPA’s Party Committee, Board of Directors, the Student Management Department and especially the Head Teacher Board, the D41 students on duty really had a cozy atmosphere and full of strange during the Tet holiday. It hoped that these atmosphere, "heat" and special love of teachers and students of the D41course would promise a new Spring, a New Year plenty of success, happiness and peace.

Translated by GL

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