PPA organizes cultural activities and in response to tree-planting festival on Lunar New Year 2017
The PPA’s leaders responded to the tree-planting festival along with the Youth Union of the Academy

Attending the ceremony were Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, Party Secretary, President of PPA; members of the PPA’s Party Committee, Board of Directors; representatives of the functional units, the mass organizations and the majority of officers, lecturers and students of the Academy.

Activities of writing calligraphy in the new year is 

the traditional cultural beauty of the Vietnamese

Speaking at the launching ceremony of the cultural activities, on behalf of the Party Committee, Board of Director of the Academy, Major General, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dang Xuan Khang warmly praised and appreciated the initiative of organizing cultural activities to welcome the new Spring and the coordination of the functional units, the enthusiastic participation of the majority of officers, lecturers and students, especially the youth of PPA. Vice President affirmed that this was the meaningful activities on the occasion of the New Year, expressing the beauty of traditional and modern culture, contribute to enhancing more spiritual motivation, traditional education at PPA as well as creating an fun and exciting atmosphere to emulate to complete successfully the assigned tasks  and youth movement in 2017.


Also at the ceremony, on behalf of the PPA’s Youth Union, Captain Le Van Tu - Secretary called on the PPA’s youth continuing to respond the tree-planting in new Spring 2017, actively participate in planting trees in the Academy campus, caring and protecting the system of green trees, contributing to building the Academy increasingly “Green - Clean - Beautiful”, deserving as one of the leading training center of the people's Public Security force.

 Activities of pigeon-releasing, "wishing- tree" and exchange of book 

in the Temple of Literature of PPA

After the opening ceremony, all leaders, officers and students asked for calligraphy, participated in tree-planting festival of the Youth Union, the activities of pigeon-releasing, "wish tree", Spring fair, exchange of books at the Temple of Literature of PPA.


The cultural activities to welcome the Lunar New Year 2017 will take place in the whole day of February 13th.

Translated by GL

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