Scientific workshop: Experience in organization of struggling against Hi-Tech crimes byAnti- Hi-tech Crime Police Force (2010-2015)
Ovewiew of the conference

 Attending the conference were Major General, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hoa, Director of the Anti- Hi-tech Crime Police Department ; the representatives of the Training Department’s leaders; the leaders of People’s Public Security training Institutions and the leaders of the local public security departments. On the side of the PPA, there were representatives of the leaders of Faculties, Centers and Departments; the scientists and lecturers, students of the Anti-Hi-tech Crime Specialty.


A delegates attended the workshop

In recent years, the situation of Hi-tech crimes is extremely complex, and becoming the top challenge for the Law Enforcement Agencies in the world in general and the Law Enforcement Agencies of Viet Nam in particular. To fight against Hi-tech crimes effectively, the Anti-Hi-tech Crime Police Force was established and developed gradually. Over 5-year of establishment, the Anti-Hi-tech Crime Police Force of MPS have been gainning many achievement in the field of Anti-High-Tech Crime mission, which was primarily reflected in great fighting operations. However, to fight more effectively in the coming time, It is necessary to organize, assess and share experiences in struggling against such form of crimes among the relevant agencies.


The delegates took a picture after the workshop

At the conference, the delegates concentrated on some important points, such as: principles for the case struggling; experiences in leading and steering special case; process of organizing special case struggle and learned experiences.


Concluding the conference, Major General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Nhat, Vice President of the PPA summarized opinions from delegates then proposed requests and offered measures for a better result of special case struggle. Simultaneously, the Vice President also asked: the functional units of the Ministry of Public Security, Police of cities and provinces, delegates, scientists and officers who work practically in the field of Anti-Hi-tech crime would cooperate to exchange information and offer ideas in teaching and studying at the PPA and other Public Security training institutions, as also in work of special case struggling in general and Hi-tech crime prevention of local public security force in particular.

Translated by Phuc Vinh & Quang Nghi

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