PPA organizes camping festival to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher’s Day
Overview of the Camping festival "Teacher Gratitude" at the PPA

The Camping festival is considered as a part of the series of activities to celebrate the Vietnamese Teacher's Day (20/11) at the PPA. Attending the festival were Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA, the members of Party's Executive Committee, Board of Directors and the majority of officers, teachers, employees and the whole students of the Academy.

Youth Union members are actively decorating the camp

The Camping festival aims to strengthen solidarity, creating the warm atmosphere after hours of hard working and studying; concurrently, this is the deepest gratitude that all PPA’s students would like to present to their teachers. The preparation for the total of 20 camps took place very early from different units within the Academy. The camps were decorated carefully with typical characteristic of every faculty. Under the enthusiastic guidance of teachers and enthusiasm of the students, the Camp festival "Teacher Gratitude" was organized successfully with significant meaning to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher's Day.

Performance of Public security martial arts at the Camping festival

Also, the Camping festival has the participation of the majority of students and youth clubs within the PPA (Club of Internal Magazine – Radio, club of volunteers, Guitar club...) with many special activities such as the attractive stalls of souvenir, food and books and performances of public security martial arts, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue and skills of high-speed Motorbike-driving which attracts large numbers of viewers. Especially, in the night of campfire, activities of singing and dancing around the flame awaken and stirred the festival air, dispelled the chilly weather of winter. All participants mixed in fresh-sparkling colors and eager atmosphere of campfire night. 

Campfire activity at the  PPA

The camping festival "Teachers Gratitude" was closed in the warmed sentiments that the PPA students dedicated to their very simple but great-noble teachers who are often call the sweet name: "The ferryman carrying the future".

Written by Viet  Linh - Huy Hoang

Translated by Gia Linh

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