“Green Dream” & “Big Game” – Initial activities to welcome D41 students.
The introduction performance of the PPA’s Volunteer Club

Throughout the show, clips on different faculties helped new students get holistic knowledge of their specialties. This would aid them in managing their study plan and developing research skill. Besides, at the program, four first-rank students in the PPA entrance exam exchanged and shared their own helpful experience in study for all participants.

Then, there were interesting art performances coming from the PPA’s Clubs, such as: Guitar Club, Volunteer Club, Pioneer Art Club… Each club introduced themselves in impressive ways to recruit new members as well as foster the PPA’s Youth Union’s upcoming activities in the academy year 2015-2016.


The Board of Organization together with the participating teams took a picture

This interaction among clubs in the Academy and new students helped to discover and exploit the potentials, talents as well as enthusiasm of students. This would certainly help the PPA’s Youth Union find out new talents for the stable development.

Besides, one of the most awesome activities in the series to welcome D41 new students was the Big Game which was held by .the PPA’s Youth Union co-operated with the Flash-mob Club in the morning of November 11st, 2015.

There were 8 teams participating in this game-show. Each team has 20 members working together to come over 9 challenges. The destinations were different places in the PPA’s campus, such as: Stadium, PPA Temple of Literature, Vietnam Map, Library, Youth Union’s Office… There was a secret letter in each destination. It was each team’s responsibility to find out and then decode the letter in order to reach the next mysterious destination.


A team concentrated on decoding the secret message

The participants were required to have logical thinking, good knowledge of the PPA and society. Each secret letter included a challenge. To overcome this challenge, each team had to fasten their speed in their way to the destination to complete their mission. Besides these skills, one interesting feature of this game-show was the physical challenge which required solidarity and individual agility. After 2 hours of decoding and discovering, the Brown Team successfully became the first one to reach the final destination and got the victory with 375 points.

The Big Game 2015 was an interesting and funny experience for D41 students. It is hoped that the Big Game 2015 will foster D41students’ spirit of academy loving and encourage them to study as well as train to become “both red and professional" police in the future.

Translated by Ha My & Nguyen Quang Nghi

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