Trong Quyet - A talent police student
Trong Quyet on the “Youth cruise” to the Con Co Island
Trong Quyet joins in directing and diverting traffic
at the area at the front of the PPA’s entrance
Overcoming challenges
His childhood was strongly attached to the PPA as observing his father’s job, a policeman, a senior lecturer of the PPA. Since he was a little boy, Pham Trong Quyet has nourished the dream to become a student of the PPA.

After finishing the high school, Quyet made effort to take the entrance exam to the Specialty of Traffic Police of PPA. He is now the secretary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of the Class B6D38, the Deputy Secretary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of course D38, Member of the Executive Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of the PPA.

Although he was born in a police traditional family, the favoritism for him was making accquaintance with  the strict regulation of police in his family; therefore, when becoming the police student, he easily adapted with this armed training environment.

About his one learning day, Quyet shared: “We had to get up at 5 o’clock to do morning exercise, eat breakfast, and arrange domestic chores in room. Every evening, students started their self- studying time from 19h to 21h30. Between 21h30 and 22h30 was the time for extracurricular activities. After 22h30 is the time to sleep.”

Because of the specific characteristics of physical practice, apart from the content in syllabus, such as: physical education, martial arts, swimming, shooting, driving,… each student has to self-practice in the campus after school hours.
Quyet is an excellent singer of the PPA
Schooling as working
Discipline in the armed environment is the first priority element, thus, students must always obey these special rules.

Quyet thinks that schooling resembles working - “In reality, we are not only taking school attendance but we are also carrying out the police soldier’s duty, participating in doing guard duty and performing assigned tasks every day. Therefore, I heve been trying to successfully to accomplish my tasks and observe the regulations of the Academy and the Public Security Ministry.”      

However, the studying environment is not always full of principles. Quyet shared: “I had experienced the three-school years with pleasure and laughter of the team life.” There have been many memories but perhaps the most memorable one is Tet holiday in 2014. He along with other students of course D38 was on duty. “This was the first time I had celebrated Tet far away from my family. Nevertheless, the activities of doing the guard duty with friends, competing in wapping the square cakes, playing traditional games, cultural exchange and receiving the concern and lucky money from the academy’s leader on the New Year’s Eve, together experiencing the warm Eve moment are probably the most moving and memorable memories of student time…”
The secretary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of the Class B6D38
took part in the blood donation
The leader of Youth
With the scientific project: “Consecutive traffic accidents on the area of Hanoi city - Real situation and Solution”, Quyet obtained the First prize in the “Student Doing Scientific Research” competition organized by the Academy. Besides studying, Quyet is also the leader of the PPA’s pioneer musical team, winning three First prizes in succession in musical performance competition at the Academy level and along with the public art team of the Academy participating in many art performances at the Ministry level and got high prizes.

Learning is not only practicing in the school campus. As Quyet 's regards, joining the youth movements has helped him gain more experience in both his life and tasks coming back from voluntary visit to Tra Cot commune, Bac Tra My district, Quang Nam province along with the Youth Union of PPA, joining in the activities of constructing roads, making stone embankments, lighting streets and building a house for a police comrade of this district, Quyet took part in “Youth cruise” to Con Co Island held by the Marine Police High Command.

In the summer of 2014, apart from doing guard duty, guaranteeing the traffic safety and order for the university entrance exam, Quyet was also one of typical students in a company with the Youth Union of the Public Security Ministry participating in the grateful journey for the heroic martyrs in Quang Tri ancient citadel. Thanks to ebullient activities in youth movement, Quyet was commended and rewarded many times by the Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Youth Union of the Public Security Ministry, the Political General Department of the Public Security and the president of PPA.

Studying, training in a strict discipline environment, but living conception and achievements of Trong Quyet has showed that Youth of Public Security is also considerably ebullient, dynamic and interested.
Translated by Hong Lam B10D39

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