Voluntary blood donation “Blood of love for dear comrades”
The students were checked heath before donating blood

Voluntary blood donation is the annually significant activity of the PPA with the aim of sharing the small amount of blood to the patient and educating the students about the spirit of mutual love of our nation.


Sharing the feelings of first time donating blood, Vu Huy Binh - student of class L4 said: “This was the first time I donate blood so I was quite worried at first, but being encouraged by my friends, I registered the program. After donating blood, I felt slightly tired but I was so happy because the blood I donated today will help the patients in need”.

Student Vu Huy Binh at the blood donation program

At the end of the blood donation program, the officers, lecturers and students of the PPA donated 400 units of blood. This is the 5th blood donation program in 2015 the PPA participated and is regarded as one of the units that actively participated in the voluntary blood donation movement.

Tran Hai - Van Trung

Translated by Cong Phuong

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