Youths of course D40 eagerly participate in the camping festival at Southern Central Security Committee in Tay Ninh province
The delegation offered incense at the Monument of President Ho Chi Minh

Representatives of units visited the policy families

Many meaningful activities were held at the festival, such as: offering the incense at the National Martyrs Cemetery located on Hill 82, the Monument for National security and President Ho Chi Minh in the site of Public Security Force Museum; visiting the cultural - historical Relic of the Southern Central Security Committee; giving free medicine for the local people; visiting and giving gifts to the policy families, the poor pupils but having the good academic results, the children with difficult circumstances; holding the seminar on the role of the youth in building and protecting the country; decorating the camp’s gates; exchanging sports, arts; playing games; especially joining the live TV program “Fire holders” in celebrating the 70th anniversary of Public Security force and the 10th anniversary of the Public Day for National Security and Defense at 8pm on August 18th, 2015. In spite of being the unit coming from the far-away place, the PPA prepared carefully the tools to decorate the camp. The PPA’s students of course D40 in Tan Phong commune (where the camp was held) quickly adapted, overcame the weather conditions to decorate the camp of the PPA.


The smile of strong soldiers crossing the sea

In the afternoon of August 17th, the PPA’s students of course D40 competed in the team sports, the interesting games which demonstrated the solidarity, such as: strong soldiers cross the sea, jumping rope, etc. In the morning of August 18th, 15 students participated in Big game and made the deep impression on other teams as well as the local people. Despite the hot weather, everyone enthusiastically volunteered for the tasks. Ultimately, the team of course D40 won the 3rd prize in the games “Strong soldiers cross the sea”.

The preparation for torch-light procession in the live TV program “Fire holders”

In 3-day camp, under the direction of the PPA’s Directorate, the guidance, encouragement of Colonel, Dr. Le Kim Binh - Chairman of Steering Committee, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Pham Thanh Tho - Vice Chairman of Steering Committee of political - social practice period together with teachers, students of course D40 completed successfully the tasks when participating in the camp. This was the first time the students to be able to participate in such a big and meaningful program in the political - social practice period.

Translated by Quach Thanh - Cong Phuong

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