Nguyen Trong Nghia - Talented student, one of typical individuals of PPA
Trong Nghia actively participates in the Contest on studying about history and the “Student Doing Scientific Research” Contest launched by the MPS and the PPA
Born and grew-up in Vinh Phuc Province, with the orientation of  his parents and the desire to follow the traditional career of his family as well as inherent passion and enthusiasm of preventing crime, ensuring social order and safety, Trong Nghia was determined to study at the PPA to become a people's police. In 2011, his dream came true when he passed the PPA’s entrance examination. He was selected in class B11D37 – Specialty of High-Quality Investigation Police of the PPA. In the first year, despite being still a newcomer to the PPA; however, with the dynamics, enthusiasm and responsibility together the trust of the members of the class B11D37, Trong Nghia was elected to be as the monitor of the class. He always make effort to fulfill his responsibility, step on step to build the class becoming a strong unit.

As the leader in all activities, movements of the class, Trong Nghia strived for leading exemplarily and successfully completing the assigned tasks. Therefore, in the past Academic years, Class B11D37 achieved many reverberating accomplishments. Especially, in the Academic year 2014-2015, the class was awarded the Certificate of Merit: "the Excellent Class which achieved many outstanding achievements in period of emulation campaign to celebrate the 16th Party Congress of the PPA"; the Merit of General Director  of the Political General Department of People's Public Security:  "the Excellent Class which had many typical excellent performances in the emulation movement of good studying and training in the period 2013-2015." Contributing to these great achievements with the striving and solidarity of all members of the class, Trong Nghia played such an important role.

Not only good in management task, Trong Nghia is also well-known as a remarkable Grade Point Average (GPA) record. He has his own learning strategy and studies effectively most subjects from general education to professional courses. Therefore, he won the “Good Student” title. Especially, in the academic year 2014-2015, he has achieved the “Excellent Student” title with the first rank achievement of the class.

Besides, Trong Nghia also actively participates in the writing contest on history Studying and the “Students Doing Scientific Research” contest launched by the Ministry of Public Security and the PPA. With these articles, the work of his outstanding research, he has won top awards and received numerous certificates of the Ministry of Public Security and the PPA. The most typical one among them was that his team won the first prize of "Vietnam Young Scientific Talent in 2014" Contest with the work: "Criminological Characteristics of crimes that use the Internet for the purpose of property appropriation and recommended suggestions in social prevention ", bringing great honor for the PPA. Also in that Academic year, Trong Nghia and 2 other friends in course D37 were honored being appointed for an exchange studying course at the University of the Korean National Police for 4 months.

Currently, as the final year student of Specialty of High-quality Investigation Police, with the difficulties and challenges ahead, let’s wish that Trong Nghia will complete perfectly his assigned tasks, achieve much greater performance and always maintain passion, enthusiasm, his sense of responsibility in order that after graduation and being in a new working environment, he will devote himself deserving of the people's belief, striving for becoming a "both dignified and specialized", "for the country we sacrifice, for the people we serve " People’s Police.

Remarkable achievements of Trong Nghia:
- 2 Third Prizes of “Students Doing Scientific Research” contest in 2012.
- 1 Second Prize of “Students Doing Scientific Research” contest in 2013.
- 1 First Prize of “Vietnam Young Scientific Talent” Contest in 2014.
- 1 First Prize of “ Studying about People’s Police history and 47 years of the PPA’s maturity and development” contest.
- "Badge of Creative Youth" of the Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union
- Certificate of Merit: "Typical, excellent achievements in emulation movement of good learning and working in the 2013-2015 period "" of the President of the PPA.

- Certificate of Merit: "Outstanding achievements in the emulation movement of good studying and training in Public Security University in the 2013-2015 period" of General Director of the Political General Department.

Written by Thuy Linh
Translated by Vu Hung Phat (B10D39)

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