Some activities in political social practice period of PPA’s students of course D40 in Tan Bien district, Tay Ninh province
Students D40 joined the environmental cleaning in Tan Phong commune

In the afternoon of August 17th 2015, the students of specialty of High-Tech Crime Prevention along with officers of Go Cat hamlet, Youth Union of Go Cat hamlet, Tan Phong commune, Tan Bien district, Tay Ninh province scheduled to propagandize protecting the environment and building the new countryside. The students enthusiastically and joyfully visited each household to propagandize about the content of “National Targeted Program on new rural development”, “Criterion No.17 on environment”, they also instructed the local people to sign “Commitment of environmental protection”. This activity helped the local residents to be aware of the importance of environmental protection - one of the significant and positive conditions for the locality to succeed rapidly in building the new rural model in Southern Viet Nam.

Students of course D40 cleaned schools in Thanh Tay commune

Also in two days: August 16th and 17th, 2015, the students of course D40 participated in many activities to help the people in two communes: Tan Phong and Thanh Tay. Despite the unfavourable weather: raining heavily at night, scorching sun during the day, the students still took part enthusiastically and actively in environmental cleaning on country lanes and alleys; filling a few stretches of road that were damaged by heavy rains; mending, cleaning the school to prepare for the new school year. Finishing the working day, everyone was slushy and sweaty, however, the PPA’s students were very cheerful and felt the meaning of their activities. Thanks to these small actions, the image of enthusiastic, effervescent, agile young police soldiers was gradually formed in the eyes of residents in border area of Tan Bien district, Tay Ninh province.

In the evening of August 16th 2015, the Youth Union of Thanh Tay commune associating with the students of course D40 held the music show at the Thanh Tay Primary School. Attending the show were Mr. Tran Minh Tam – Secretary of Thanh Tay commune Party Committee, Mr. Doan Huu Tran - Chairman of Veterans Organization of the Commune, Mr. Pham Quang Ki - the Head of the Hamlet, Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu - the Secretary of Youth Union of the Commune along with full of local people and teenagers of Thanh Tay hamlet.

Students instructed enthusiastically the local people to 

sign “Commitment of environmental protection”

This show brought the exciting moments to people with the modern dance performance by members of Thanh Tay hamlet’s Youth Union and the lively flash-mob performance by Flashmob Club of the PPA. In the program, the class B7-D40 performed 3 performances of martial arts of Public Security Force with clear-cut and strong movements under the admirable eyes of local residents. The students of course D27 Laos also raised the song with memorable lyrics, bringing everyone back to the war time of Vietnam. Closing the show, “The song of the PPA” resounded with the melody, lyrics that were full of belief, pride evoked partly the image of the heroic PPA in people’s mind of Thanh Tay Hamlet.


These first activities in the political social practice period of students of course D40 and D27 Laos in Tan Bien district, Tay Ninh province created to the good image of members of the PPA’s Youth Union - the prospective police soldiers who are diligent, dynamic and enthusiastic. Certainly, these practical activities would continue to be held in the coming time, contributing to cement the unity between the army and the people and accomplish successfully the missions of the political social period of D40 students.

Translated by Hong Lam (B10-D39)

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