Welcoming ceremony for PPA’s students of course D40 and D27 Laos for political-social practice in Tan Bien - Tay Ninh
The participants of the Ceremony

Attending the Ceremony, to the PPA were Major General, Assoc. Prof, Dr. Pham Ngoc Ha - Vice President of the PPA; Lt. Col, Dr. Hoang Anh Tuan - Head of Student Management Department; Lt. Col. Nguyen Hong Phong - Deputy Director of Research Center of Criminology and Criminal Investigation at Southern office. As for the local authority were Mr. Pham Vu Nhat Thanh - Deputy Head of the Party Organizational Department of Tay Ninh Province; Mr. Tran Van Chien - member of Provincial Committee of the Party, Secretary of Tan Bien district Party Committee; Representatives of Party Commitee; People's Committee of Thanh Tay and Tan Phong Commune together with a large number of people of two communes.


At the Ceremony, on behalf of the PPA’s delegation, Major General, Assoc. Prof.Dr. Pham Ngoc Ha - Vice President of the PPA introduced the Steering Committee and notified the tasks of students for this political - social practice period. Besides, he also reminded the students to abide strictly by the guidance of the Steering Committee as well as local regulations. After that, the representative of local authorities made the brief introduction to the characteristics of the local condition, habits and customs to help the PPA’s students to recognize and be able to acquainted quickly as well as overcome the forthcoming difficult problems.

The PPA’s students of course D40 and D27 Laos

were welcomed to the local families

At the end of the Ceremony, the students of course D40 and D27 Laos were welcomed by Tay Ninh people to their homes with the eagerness and excitement, promising the political-social practice period with meaningfulness and success at Tay Ninh province.

Written by Anh Nguyet

Translated by Quang Nghi

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