Female Police Secretary talks about Youth Union’s task
Dinh Phuong Thao - Secretary of the Youth Branch B10D37 (specialty of English)

Being a girl loving group activities, Thao joined in eagerly, enthusiastically and stood in the rank of the Youth Branch committee since she was a first year student. Then, with her great efforts, she was elected to be the Secretary, undertaking the Youth Union’s task as well as supporting the Monitor to manage her class.


Thao said: Whenever there were movements launched by the PPA, Faculties, the Urban Youth Union, the Women Union in co-operation with other universities and the Ministry of Public Security, she would inform all members of the class and encourage them to participate in.


The talented portrait of Female Police Secretary Dinh Phuong Thao

Thao shared: “Joining in the Youth Union’s movement could bring a lot of benefits. Especially, this creates the conditions for your recreation, entertainment, expressing yourself, broadening knowledge and fostering social relations. Besides, it could help me in the Party development task, thus, I have been trying to help everyone to understand the usefulness of participation in".


            Thao said that: The task of a secretary of the youth union of the PPA also contains some differences in comparison with the non-core units of the armed force. "Secretary has to take more responsibility and work for the reason that this is a team environment with strict discipline. Moreover, to the regular programs, the PPA’s students also participate in activities with the nature of the Branch”.


Dinh Phuong Thao (left) achieved the Gold medal 

at the contest on sport - martial arts of People’s Public Security 

            Beside joining in the program of the PPA’s Youth Union movement, Thao also co-operated with other Secretaries to actively organize extracurricular activities for her Class and Specialty, such as: friendly football matches among classes; volunteer program to light up the future for the SOS village’s children... Thao came up with the idea for this volunteer program and set up the plan to implement it. As a result, this left on her unforgettable memories that brought her a lot of positive results, such as: self-confidence; ability to express herself, to lead the crowd; especially, organizational and management skills.

Translated by Nguyen Quang Nghi (B10D39)

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