Students of course D39 pioneer in physical and sports movement with “Martial morning exercise” Contest
Students of course D39 were willing to participate in the Contest

Attending the Contest were Senior Lieutenant Colonel Vu Van Lan, Deputy Head of Student Management Department - Head of the Judge; Captain Nguyen Canh Hanh and Senior Lieutenant Pham Huy Binh - Member of the Judge, together with all students of course D39. Speaking at the contest, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Vu Van Lan said: “Morning exercise has been the traditional activity of the PPA in particular and the police training institutions in general. This is the best way to keep students’ fit, not only physical but also mental health, helping them start a new day more efficiently.


For that purposes, right from the early days of launching the Contest, the students of course D39 industriously practiced 9 sets of morning exercise and 3 additional martial arts. The spirit of the Contest took place effervescently and enthusiastically despite the light rain. The participants performed the martial art bravely and stately, represented the youthful power of the PPA’s youth union members.

Beautiful and vigorous martial art performances

Ending the Contest, the 1st prize was awarded to class B3B; two first runner-up prizes belonged to two classes: B3A and B9; two second runner-up prizes were given to B2 and B8. Class B11 together with class B12 won the consolation prizes. The “Martial morning exercise” Contest was promising to become the annual event not only in course D39 but also all students of the PPA in the near future.

Written by Huy Hoang

Translated by Quang Nghi (B10-D39)

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