Course D38 - Volunteer heart
Voluntary group worked with the local authorities

In 2 days (August 8th - 9th, 2015), Mr. Nguyen Canh Hanh - Head manager of Course D38 with the students of the course came to Phuong Nam ward (Uong Bi city) and Mong Duong Ward (Cam Pha city) - 2 places where to be considered to bear the heaviest damage in the historic flood in Quang Ninh province to visit and give presents to the households that went through rough time.


After working with the local authorities and being advised by Major Dinh Hoang Long - Deputy Head of Uong Bi city Police, Colonel Le Van Hoan - Deputy Head of Cam Pha city Police, the volunteer group of the PPA directly implemented the voluntary plans.


The volunteer group of course D38 presented the practical and meaningful gifts to 37 households in Phuong Nam ward with the total worth of 25 million VND. Besides, the PPA’s Youth Union also collaborated with the local youth union to clean up, repair the damages that the flood caused. In Mong Duong ward - where bore the huge losses both of people and property, many areas were still being buried by the mud, the volunteer group visited and presented gifts to 10 households with particularly difficult situations with total worth of 20 million VND.

Students of course D38 repaired the damages that the flood caused

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao - Youth Union’s Secretary of Course D38 said: “Witnessing what the flood caused, we were all deeply moved. The flood came and buried all crops and fields. About 300 hectares of lychee of the local people have the risk of being lost, whilst it is the main crop to guarantee their income. Many roofs were collapsed, walls were cracked that couldn’t be repaired. Here, the volunteer group with the Youth Union of Uong Bi city cleaned up the collapsed houses. Despite the hot weather, everyone was eager and worked enthusiastically. Besides the gifts of the volunteer group of course D38, the Association of Quang Ninh’s fellow-countrymen of the PPA also presented the little gifts of encouragement and support.


Visiting Mr. Do Van Nhien’s family - his wife and 2 children died from the great flood at Mong Duong district, the group shared the sympathy with Mr Nhien and gave the gifts worth 2 million VND. Besides, there were also other difficult households that were visited and given gifts.”


The significant activities of the Youth Union of Course D38 showed the high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm of the PPA’s Youth in particular and the Public Security force in general in the voluntary work for the community. This was the typical activity that deserves the respect and being study follow by the other Youth Union in the PPA.

Quach Thanh

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