Guitar Show: The Avengers II – Bridge for music passion
The song: “Take my hand”


Attending the concert were Mr. Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem – President of the PPA; the representatives of functional units of the PPA, the representatives of the main sponsors, such as: BIDV Bank, Housing Development Company in Hanoi, Hoang Huy Music Company... together with young people from other universities.


Opening the Show, Captain Le Van Tu - Secretary of the PPA’s Youth Union, Deputy Chief of the Student Management Department confirmed: "The Avengers is a place for students to exchange; show their talents, passion; create friendly relations among them". With that spirit, "The Avengers II" Show brought an atmosphere with full of the joy of freshness. Besides, this is a bridge to arouse the spirit of passion, helping young people getting a chance to meet and learn from one another. This really takes "Guitar inspiration" to the youth of universities.


A performance of the PPS Guitar Club

The atmosphere of the show was absolutely lighted up by passion, youthful vitality as well as desire to shine of the students. Right after the beginning of the Show, the space was heated by the beautiful rock songs, such as: Impossible, Take the hand....Then, the show was continued with deep melody of love songs, sweet but familiar melody of the songs: "Well", "Never"... Finally, it ended with joyful, lively songs performed by the very sponsor – Hoang Huy Music Company. Guitar Show is as a great harmony - both ups and downs, excitement and deepness – whispering with audiences’ souls.


Closing memorable moments, "The Avengers II" Guitar Show made a good and positive impression on the audiences. Besides, the PPA’s Guitar Club is asserting itself on the long road ahead. Ending the Show, the spirit that the show gave the audiences still has been echoing, which promises a new way, a new talent and successful berth for the Guitar Club of the participating universities.

Translated by Nguyen Quang Nghi (B10D39)

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