Circus show for charity
A spectator was invited to take part in the legerdemain repertoire

Charity is the annual activity which is deployed extensively throughout the Academy by the PPA’s Board of Directors, officers and teachers. It attracts numerous interested participants and students. Every year, the PPA organizes a lot of activities, such as: taking voluntary trips for charity; visiting as well as encouraging the policy families; building houses of gratitude; helping children with disabilities, children patients, children overcoming difficulties in learning, etc. Especially, in recent years, the PPA’s students have regularly made trips for charity to support the upland children; given gifts, woolen scarfs and sweaters to children in mountainous regions when the winter comes; supplied the sticky rice cakes to highlanders to welcome Tet festival; offered the highland children with old books.

The python circus repertoire has always attracted the audiences’ attention

Within the framework of charitable activities of the PPA, the circus show for voluntary activities in Mu Cang Chai district - Yen Bai province received the attention of numerous audiences, not only the PPA’s officers and students but also a large number of families together with children living around the PPA. It is expected that the entire amount of contributed money will be used to purchase meaningful gifts and essential items, such as: blankets, books, moon cakes, etc. to give to children and families experiencing difficulties living in Mu Cang Chai district.


In addition to the nice voluntary sense, the show also brought the numerous cultural exchange performances together with fascinating circus repertoires performed by the artists from Vietnam National Academy of Music, Vietnam Circus Federation along with several Clubs from the PPA. The audiences attending the show not only had the chance to meet the artists but also contributed their kindness to children as well as families in need in Mu Cang Chai district - Yen Bai province. This show also provided children with the education about sympathy, compassion and spiritual love for people.

The children watched the performances attentively

The circus show for charity took place successfully, leaving the deep imprint on the audiences. In the coming time, the PPA will continue to organize meaningful voluntary activities to help the disadvantaged get ahead in their life.

Translated by Quang Nghi (B10-D39)

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