Gifts from young police officers for poor children in mountainous area
Students of the PPA organized the voluntary trip to Lang Chanh district

The young policemen were wading across the stream to reach each family

Participating in the voluntary trip, the young police officers overcame various difficulties to reach the mountainous area of Lang Chanh district, visited many families and brought the warm love to the children here. The voluntary team was warmly welcomed by the people in the village.

Representative of the Youth Union of the PPA

 presenting gifts for the poor excellent students

Moreover, the officers, lecturers and students of the PPA held the other realistic activities such as propagandizing the traffic law for the pupils of the primary school of Tam Van commune through the traffic signs and questions; organizing the remarkable music exchange; presenting gifts for the children who achieved the excellent results in studying. Especially, on this occasion, Lieu.Gen. Prof.Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA presented the new bicycles to the most poor and excellent pupils of the commune.

Representative of the PPA’s voluntary team and the Youth Union of the commune 

visited and presented gifts to the family of the most poor and excellent student

This voluntary trip was the meaningful activity for the youth movement in the month of the Youth, aiming to the social activity and raising the youth’s awareness on social issues. 

Translated by Lan Thanh

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