Short-term training course of PPA’s delegation at the Royal Thai Police Academy
PPA’s delegation received the Certificates of training completion

The aim of training course were to enhance the good relationship between the two police Academies of the two countries; create the opportunity for students to learn and explore the culture of another country in order to raise the awareness, responsibility for building the homeland. In particular, through the short-term training course, the two Academies would exchange the methods of learning and teaching as well as the experiences in crime prevention to constantly improve the training quality.

PPA’s delegation visited and practiced shooting at shooting range

With the significant and practical purposes, in more than 10 days, the Royal Thai Police Academy held a lot of activities such as learning, cultural exchange, sports for the delegation of the PPA:

- Studying program: the delegation of the PPA had the opportunity to study the subjects including: communication in Thailand; hi-tech (learn about I2 and IP address of the computer);; shooting and strategy. Each subject was attached the theory and practice and applied the advanced technology in management and teaching.

- Exchange activities and extracurricular: Besides learning program, the Royal Thai Police Academy organized many exchange activities in culture and sport to create the useful time for participants to share and exchange many lessons in life as well as their talents.

The friendly football match between two teams

Besides, the Royal Thai Police Academy also organized for the delegation to visit the famous places in Thailand such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Golden Temple, etc. This was the good opportunity for the PPA’s delegation to learn about the culture, cuisine and people of Thailand, thereby cultivate the love and the sense of responsibility for the PPA’s officers in building the homeland.


Despite the short term, the training course was the important mark for the relationship of cooperation between the two Academies. The delegation of the PPA successfully completed the task, expressed the spirit of studying, dynamism and creativity of the youth of the Academy.

Written by Luong Thao

Translated by Cong Phuong

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