Youth of Public Security force jointly build new countryside
The youth members made the rural road for the local people

Difficulties did not affect the enthusiasm of the youth

Ban Qua village has a total of 86 households, 337 inhabitants, with two main ethnic groups (Dao and Kinh) and Dao accounts for over 70%. This is the extremely difficult village with 17 poor households and 8 near-poor households. The awareness level of the local still limits, people's living standards are low.

The spiritual gifts were presented to the difficulty households

In 4 days (6th - 11th July, 2015), the youth members made the 200-meter concrete rural roads according to the standards of new rural road to help the villagers develop the economy. Besides, the youth members also visited and presented gifts to 10 difficulty households worth 5 million VND per gift; organized the exchanges of culture, arts and sports with the local people.

The warm cultural exchange between the local people 

and the youth of Public Security force

Many youth members were awarded at the Ceremony

 for summing up the volunteer program 

The program “Youth of Public Security force jointly build new countryside” left the unforgettable memories for all participants. The working and living with the local people helped the participants to practice their knowledge of politics, law and profession which was studied at the training institutions; learn more about the lives of local people and do well the masses propaganda according to the policy of the Party and the State; create the firm belief in the youth of Public Security force in particular as well as Public Security force in general.

Written by Vu Van Thuan

Translated by Cong Phuong

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