Benefits of joining in movements of Youth Union to students in universities
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The most visible point is that participation in Youth Union activities brings students more friends. Traveling many places and taking part in several events would help them to meet and contact with people in different ages. With such environment like this, they will get more chances to develop their social relationship. In particular, individuals who are involved in Youth Union’ movements could share the same goals and interests in devoting themselves to community. As a result, we do not need to worry that: “What kinds of topic to talk about new friends”. Joining in Youth Union’ movements can help people to get closer, for that reason the opportunity to find your own lover will become easier.


Moreover, participating in the Youth Union’ movements, we will meet and interact with many of the predecessors. Thanks to that, we grasp the opportunity to acquire knowledge as well as gain life experiences from them. Each individual in our society brings a unique understanding treasure for us to explore and learn; their knowledge drawn from their lives may help us a lot. From micro simple things to the macro-depth lessons, if you are a man to know to contemplate and accumulate with persistence, you will get priceless treasure of human knowledge.


In addition, the guidelines and ways how to handle with arising situations from the predecessors that help students to feel more confident and avoiding the unforeseen events occurred in their lives. We also grow familiar with professional styles of working and learning the knowledge with skills that teachers do not teach, such as: observation, communication as well as how to organize personal work ... Probably, after entering the university, young students usually are more “robust” with no sense of unfamiliarity of inexperienced ones.


The next advantage of participation in Youth Union’ activities is that students can broaden experience from life to perform all the steps of an event: come up with ideas, develop projects, implement media work and complete the plan ... Because reality is the teacher of life. It is confirmed that learning the life skills through activities would make more tremendously effective than sitting around and drawing their ideas on paper.


For students of the People's Police Academy, where Youth Union’ movements are focused with proper care and grow strongly, the enthusiasm together with joining in these activities regular would help them to have more opportunities to train themselves, enhance the social understanding and become more mature when facing with the problems of life. Therefore, after hours of hard studying, the young students should spend a little time and engage in Youth Union’ activities to make the color of their lives with full of new interesting experiences!

Nguyen Quang Nghi (B10-D39)

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