Information on new academic and theoretical contributions of thesis of Postgraduate student Nguyen Duy Ngoc

Title of the thesis: The struggle against crime occurred in Ha Noi city of Ha Noi Road Traffic Police.

Major: Criminology and Criminal Investigation


Name of candidate: Nguyen Duy Ngoc                  Course: 16

Academic title, degree, full name of instructors:

Prof. Dr Nguyen Xuan Yem

Training institution: The People’s Police Academy - Ministry of Public Security

New contributions of the thesis:

1.This thesis is the first scientific research of the struggle against crime occurred in Ha Noi city of Ha Noi Road Traffic Police. Based on the outcomes of research, the thesis has take part in building, supplementary, perfectized theory system about fighting and preventing crimes follwing the function of the traffic police.

2. By factual statistic, the thesis has analyzed profoundly the criminal characteristic of transport related to crime occurred in HaNoi city from 2013-2017. Researcher show feature of the crime regarding structure, nature, adverse consequences, personal identify, hidden level, method under function of Ha Noi traffic police.

3. According to what have been analyzed and processed in previous chapter, this thesis at the same time calculates on the status of the transport - related crimes in next few years. There are 8 main measures groups and 3 recommendations that aim to enhancing the effectiveness of the fighting and preventing crimes occurred in Ha Noi city of Ha Noi traffic police force.


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