Information on new academic and theoretical contributions of thesis of Postgraduate student Ngo Duc Toan

Name of the PhD thesis: Suspicion verification of the anti-drug police


Speciality: Criminology and criminal preventing.

Full name of postgraduate: Ngo Duc Toan  - Course: 20th

Training center: The People’s Police Academy

Academic title of the instructors:

1. Professor, PhD Tran Phuong Dat

2. Professor, PhD Bui Minh Trung

The new contribution about academic and theory of the PhD thesis.

- The thesis has gathered and elaborated a scientific theory on suspicion verification of the antidrug police such as: The concept, roles, characteristics, objects, requirements, contents and processes; Assignment, decentralization and coordination in implementing suspicion verification.

- Surveying, analyzing and assessing the overall situation of  suspicion verification in recent years, drawing advantages, limitations, shortcomings and causes of these shortcomings.

- Providing forecasts related to the task of verifying the suspicion, building solutions to improve the effectiveness of this activity.


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