Information on new academic and theoretical contributions of thesis of Postgraduate student Nguyen Khac Tien

Thesis title: International cooperation in the pursuit of wanted criminals according to the function of the People’s Police force.

Major: Criminology and Crime Prevention              Code:

Name of PhD student: Nguyen Khac Tien          Course: 20th

Scientific title, degree and full name of the supervisors: 
1. Assoc. Prof. Dr Dang Xuan Khang; 
2. Prof. Dr Duong Minh Gioi.

Name of training institution: The People’s Police Academy - The Ministry of Public Security

New contributions of the thesis:

1. The thesis outlines a number of basic theoretical issues in a systematic way about international cooperation activities in the pursuit of wanted criminals by the People’s Police force such as: Concept, legal basis, content, principles of international cooperation of the pursuit of wanted criminals.

2. The thesis reflects quite comprehensively and points out the typical characteristics of the situation of Vietnamese wanted people fleeing to outsiders and foreign wanted people escaping into Vietnam. Thereby clarifying issues that need international in the pursuit of wanted criminal. It also surveys of the actual situation of international cooperation in the pursuit of wanted criminal of the People’s Police force; draws conclusions, evaluates, and concludes with scientific significance as a basis for perfecting the theory and proposing solutions to improve the effectiveness of international cooperation in pursuing, contributing to strengthening the fight against crime in the context of the country's opening up and international integration.

3. The conclusions of the thesis have a scientific basis, bringing value to the police of units and localities to research, apply, and make plans to overcome weaknesses and shortcomings in international cooperation in the pursuit of wanted criminals. Since then, the author has built a system of solutions that contribute to improving the efficiency of international cooperation in the pursuit of wanted criminals of the People's Police force in the coming time.


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