Information on new academic and theoretical contributions of thesis of Postgraduate student Trinh Ngoc Thuy

Thesis title: The roles of criminal statistics of People’s Courts in improving crime prevention.

Major: Criminology and Crime Prevention              Code:

Name of PhD student: Trinh Ngoc Thuy          Course: 2017

Scientific title, degree and full name of the supervisors: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Duc.

Name of training institution: The People’s Police Academy - The Ministry of Public Security

New contributions of the thesis:
The thesis is the first scientific work that carries out a relatively comprehensive study with the theoretical and practical system from the scientific perspective of Criminal statistics. The following contents can be considered as new scientific contributions of the thesis:

- Analyze and clarify theoretical issues on Criminal statistics of the People’s Courts in crime prevention.

- Have a correct assessment of the current situation, difficulties and obstacles in the Criminal statistics of the People’s Courts for crime prevention in recent years; analyze and clarify the causes.

- Present feasible solutions and recommendations to improve the quality and efficiency of Criminal statistics of the People’s Court in the coming time for the requirements in the new situation.


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