Information on new academic and theoretical contributions of thesis of Postgraduate student Nguyen Tien Dung

Name of the PhD thesis: State management in the control of legitimate activities relating to drugs of the People's Police Force.


Speciality: State management of security and order

Full name of postgraduate: Nguyen Tien Dung - Course: 2013 (18th course)

Training center: The People’s Police Academy

Academic title of the instructors:

1.     Professor, PhD Do Dinh Hoa

2.     Associate professor, PhD Quach Ngoc Lan

The new contribution about academic and theory of the PhD thesis.

1. The thesis studied the theoretical issues of substance relating to narcotics, legal activities related to narcotics such as: concepts, characteristics of legitimate activities related to narcotics, the provisions law relating to the control of the legitimate activities related to narcoticsx.

2. Based on research, the thesis has developed a systematic way the theoretical issues of management control state in legitimate activities relating to drugs of the People's Police as: Concept ; Characteristics; content; Measures to control the legitimate activities related to the drug, according to the function of the police forces in the people; clarify the characteristics of the violation of law in the management of legal activities related to drug activity in the areas of our country today, indicating the content and measures; coordinate the relationship between the forces inside and outside the police, the relevant departments of the State management of control activities related to legal drugs; application of management measures in controlling legal activities related to narcotics. 

3. The thesis studied the basic, comprehensive practice management control state in legal activities relating to drugs of the people's police force: Thesis specified activities related needs relating to drug control, reconciliation practices to analyze evolution, dynamics, structure and nature of crime and violations of law in the control of legitimate drugs, draw conclusions the rules of criminal activity and violations of law; analyze the situation of the State management activities in the control of lawful activities related to narcotics police force of the people, the organization forces on assignment and decentralization in the management and evaluation of the quality of staff; Working on measures already implemented. The thesis reviews the results achieved, deficiencies exist and its cause as a basis for making predictions and building system solutions and proposals.

4. From the synthetic problems, the analysis of practices, the thesis has launched a system of comprehensive solutions. Each solution was concentrated clarify the content and implementation, system solutions reflect uniformity, feasible and consistent with the management practices of state control activities legal action related to drug the people's police force.

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