Deputy Chief Representative of JICA Vietnam pays courtesy visit to PPA
Leaders of the PPA presented souvenir to the JICA’s office in Vietnam

Opening the meeting, Lieutenant General, Prof.Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA thanked Mr. Kubo Yoshimoto for his efforts in establishing and building the good relationship between the PPA and JICA’s office in Vietnam during his term. In addition, the President of the PPA stressed that thanks to the support of JICA in implementing the project on researching traffic order and safety, the Traffic Safety Research Center of the Academy was developing increasingly. Currently, besides the head office in Hanoi Capital, the Center opened 01 branch in Ho Chi Minh City.

Delegation of JICA’s office in Vietnam visited and worked at the PPA

Mr. Kubo Yoshimoto also thanked the PPA for the cooperation and creating conditions for him to fulfill his duties in Vietnam. He was delighted to see the development of the Traffic Safety Research Center and the good results of the traffic situation in Vietnam in recent years such as the number of accidents, deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents that decreased in comparison with the previous years. Mr. Kubo hoped that these positive results would help the traffic situation in Vietnam to be improved in the near future. Also at the meeting, Mr. Kubo Yoshimoto introduced his successor, Mr. Eiichi Murashima. In the new term in Vietnam, Mr. Eiichi Murashima hoped that the relationship between the PPA and JICA would develop continuously.

Besides the issue of traffic safety and order, the crime prevention and maritime security protection are the urgent issues now. However, the training of Coast Guard and other marine police forces of Vietnam is still limited. Therefore, the PPA hoped that with the relationships and ability, the JICA might recommend to the Japanese Government to support the PPA in building the project on enhancing the training capacity on crime prevention, traffic safety and order protection for Coast Guard other marine police forces.

Representatives took memorial photograph

Mr. Kubo Yoshimoto expressed the support and consensus on the proposal of the President of the Academy. He believed that this practical project would receive the great attention of the Japanese Government. He would try his best to support and assist the implementation of the project.

Written by Nguyen Dinh Dat

Translated by Cong Phuong

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