Leaders of the PPA attends 3rd INTERPA conference in Malaysia

With the theme “Development of Teaching Staff in Police Academies”, the conference aimed to build and strengthen the cooperation relationships and mutual understanding between the police training institutions of the countries in the world as well as affirm the role of teachers in police training. The conference focused on discussing issues relating to the strategy and measures of training police to suit the current security and public order situation and the developing trends of  police training in the coming time, including:

- Police Training in the 21st Century: Issues and Challenges

- Training Programs and Strategies of Teaching Staff

- Improving the Capacity of Teaching Staff

- Use of Modern Teaching Strategies

- Institutional Development Aspects of Police Training

- Academic and Practical Aspects of Police Training

- Use of Technology in Police Training


Vice President of the PPA Pham Ngoc Ha took memorial photograph 

with Chairman of INTERPA

After the opening session, the participants shared their practical experiences and the gained results in the process of building and developing the police training institutions. In addition, a number of invited speakers shared the researches, analysis on the trend of connection and cooperation between the police forces in general and between the police training institutions in particular.


After 3 working days, on the basis of the presentation, the discussion and sharing of representatives, the conference agreed the important issues related to police training at the international level, including:

- Important role of the trainers for the police training;

- Building and developing the police trainers has tremendous effects in training the excellent police officers;

- Diversifying the form of building and enhancing capacity for police trainers such as: the program “Train the trainer (TOT)”, strengthening the capacity of trainers in the management of students, using of advanced technology in the police training;

 - The mechanism for assessing the quality and effectiveness of the police training such as a self-assessment mechanism, the automatically assessing mechanism  on the basis of online data of  teaching and learning activities;

- The role and effectiveness of scientific research and experiences in strengthening capacity of teaching and learning in the police training institutions; the support mechanisms to trainers of the police training institutions in the process of themself-improvement;

- Some solutions to minimize the shortage of high quality trainers such as inviting experienced teachers of the educational institutions in the world; cooperative programs with other agencies and organizations to take advantage of their knowledge; encouraging the experienced police officials to participate in training process.

- The important role of the library system and the application of information technology to improve the quality of training for teachers and quality of learning for students.


Vice President Pham Ngoc Ha took memorial photograph 

with Inspector General of the Royal Malaysia Police

At the conference, the Vietnamese delegation exchanged and contributed to some positive contents which was appreciated as strategies to build and enhance capacity of the police trainers from process of recruitment, additional and advanced training, capacity standardization throughout the scientific research, directly and indirectly evaluation mechanisms; especially the mechanism to strengthen the connection between the theory and the practice in the police training such as coordination mechanism between the police training institutions and local police agencies, personnel rotation mechanism, innovating the training forms by combining the study at the classroom with the practical visits and research.


Speaking at the closing ceremony, Mr. Sri Khalid bin Abu Bakar, Commander of the Royal Malaysia Police confirmed that in the more and more complex context of security and order situation in the world, more than ever, the police force of countries should strengthen cooperation to cope with the risks and challenges of transnational crime, terrorism. The police training played an important role in enhancing the quality and efficiency of the police force to meet the requirements of the new situation,. The forum INTERPA had been efforts to create opportunities for collaboration in enhancing capacity for its members as well as other international partners.


Participants took photographs with the Minister of the Interior 

and Inspector General of the Royal Malaysia Police

In brief,  actively participating and effectively contributing to the forum of international cooperation on police training of the PPA in recent years has been contributing positively to the process of implementing the project "the overall planning, enhancing capacity and training quality of the police training institutions in public security force in 2020" as well as permit with the goals of the project: step by step approaching the educational achievements and the modern training methods of the advanced countries in the region and in the world. In addition, international cooperation will contribute positively to process of building the PPA to become the key police training institution of the Ministry of Public Security in 2015 and of the National in 2020.

Written by Cao Hoang Long

Translated by Xuan Thanh

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