PPA’s delegation visited Royal Thai Police Academy
Working session between the PPA’s delegation and the Royal Thai Police Academy

At the meeting, the PPA and the Royal Thai Police Academy reviewed the results of cooperation between the two Academies in the recent years and discussed new directions to strengthen cooperation program in the future.


The Royal Thai Police Academy confirmed in the previous time, two Academies had developed an effective close-knit cooperation in training. The Royal Thai Police Academy recorded and expressed his desire to promote and expand the traditional friendship and cooperation  relationship between the two countries in general and the police forces in particular to have more support each other. The two sides also exchanged and continued to agree some important issues in cooperation such as exchange of post-graduating students, establishing a joint research team between the two Academies...


The PPA took memorial photograph with the Royal Thai Police Academy

Next, the PPA delegation visited and worked at the Training Department of and Royal Thai Police and the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) under welcoming of Lieutenant General Suwita Songmetta, Director of Training Department. The Delegation was informed about the activities and training programs of the Department in the previous time. With the world integration orientation, currently, the Training Department of the Royal Thai Police had applied the E-learning program, enabling police forces in remote localities to easily study by the computer or smartphones.


The PPA took memorial photograph 

with the Training Department of Royal Thai Police

Lieutenant General Suwita Songmetta confirmed the quality of education in the Training Department of the Royal Thai Police was evaluated as leading standards in Thailand. At the Department, there were special courses in which graduated students would be received higher position without any conventional test. In addition, the department was updating the Vietnamese language in the training program, and he desired a detailed discussion meeting on in this field between the two sides.


 The PPA took memorial photograph with Police Station in Pattaya City

On 17th, July, 2014, the PPA delegation visited the Police Station of Pattaya city, Chonburi Province under the invitation of Colonel Suphati Boonkrong, Deputy Director of Police Department of Chonburi Province. Pattaya is a famous tourist city with hundred thousands of tourists every month; therefore, the security and order situation is relatively complex. However, with highly professional scientific working methods, so far there is no case of serious law violations in Pattaya. Visiting the Police Department in Pattaya City, the PPA delegation appreciated model of operation here and expressed a wish of exchanging experiences in the security and order management from the city.  

Translated by Xuan Thanh

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