High-ranking delegation of People's Public Security University of China visits and works in PPA
Ms. Tich Diem Le,Head of the delegation of the People's Public Security University of China presented a souvenir to the PPA

On November 11th 2015, the two sides held talks at the Headquarters of the PPA under the chairmanship by Lieutenant General, Prof.Dr Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA. Attending were Major General, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dang Xuan Khang, Vice President of the PPA; representatives of functional units of the Academy and representatives of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the MPS.


Overview of the meeting

At the meeting, leaders of the PPA introduced achievements, new developments of the Academy, with position as one of the largest training institutions under the MPS and with the Minister’s signed decision to become the key training institution of the sector, towards the building the academy into a key training institution of the nation. On the basis of these new developments and in the context of intensive international integration, to help build and develop friendship between the two countries, leaders of the PPA asked for the People's Public Security University of China’s cooperation in aspects relating to police training, academic exchange, scientific research in line with capabilities and strengths of each party.

On behalf of the delegation,Ms Tich Diem Le presented preliminary introduction about the People's Public Security University of China. The Vice-President pointed out some other cooperative activit of  the two institutions in recent years and stressed that the mission trip to Vietnam to attend the international scientific conference "Director of the Police Academies and  Universities in Asia - Pacific countries" hosted in Hanoi by the PPA in 2006. Ms. Tinh Diem Le highly appreciated the achievements and great developments of the PPA in recent years. She was  impressed by the powerful changes of the Academy after 9 years visiting back the Academy.The Vice President also confirmed that the two sides have had many similarities in training model, organizational structure and development trend, so in the future, both sides need to accelerate co-operation activities in police education, training and scientific research. The Vice-President also said, before coming to Vietnam, the delegation of the Public Security Political General Department had visited and worked with the partner’s school, through which the two sides discussed and agreed on cooperation contents in line with development orientation of police training institutions in general and the PPA in particular.

After mutual exchange, discussions, both parties came to an agreement with some orientation of cooperation between the two institutions in the future, focusing on some main contents as: cooperation on regular exchange of high-ranking leaders; Exchange of teachers of Chinese language serving Chinese Bachelor Profession of the Academy; Short-term exchange of higher education system in 01 semester; alternating organization of   training courses on specific subjects with participation of students and lecturers; Joint organization of scientific conferences between the two schools... In addition, the People's Public Security University of China would support the PPA’s Library with references for research, studies of languages and police subjects which are strong points of the partner.


The delegation of the People's Public Security University of China

visited the PPA’s the facilities

Ending the meeting, the two sides agreed to recognize the discussed cooperation contents and would report to the leaders of Ministries of Public Security of the two countries for approval in the near future. The Head of the People's Public Security University of China cordially invited the President of the PPA to lead the high-ranking delegation of the Academy to visit and work with his University in the early 2016, administrative procedures will be deployed through department of external affairs of each party.

During their stay in Vietnam, in addition to the meeting at the PPA, the delegation of the Chinese People's Police University visited and worked with the Public Security Department of Quang Ninh Province and visited Halong Bay.


The People's Public Security University of China under the MPS of China, was established in July 1948 in Beijing by merging People's Public Security University with the People's Police University. It is the leading educational institution in the field of teaching, research of police science. The university has an Institute of Law, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Crime Investigation, Criminology, Security Management, Information Security, Transport and Criminal Forensic Science. The university  has the cooperative relationship with many countries around the world and is one of the university with graduates engaged in peacekeeping force of the United Nations. Students of the People's Public Security University of China are selected from elite graduates from secondary schools after having passed the national entrance examination. The Training of People's Public Security University of China is conducted seriously. In the first 3 months, students will be trained under the extremely rigorous management like military schools. In addition to teachers and coaches for  higher course students  that will be those who directly train and guide students of lower courses. Currently, the People's Public Security University of China has been cooperate with the Academy, universities, research institutions and government agencies for more than 60 countries around the world. /.

Translated by Van Anh

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